July 1, 2007
Pro-Lok's new shapes and sizes of auto opening tools are designed to bypass even the most stubborn lock system.

Many locksmiths can remember the time when a small handful of auto opening tools would cover just about every situation. With the demise of vent windows and movable lock pawls plus the increase in both sound deadening and security features, auto opening has become a real challenge. Pro-Lok has continually responded to that challenge with new shapes and sizes of lock opening tools to bypass even the most stubborn lock system.

A new lock opening system has emerged during the last few years. This system involves wedging either the window on frameless vehicles or the door frame on vehicles so equipped.

Once the door or window is wedged open a slight amount, either a Pro-Lok 58-inch AO42-LA or a 76-inch AO42-LAXL can be used to actually operate the normal inner controls and open the door.

The AO42 tools do accomplish the vehicle opening procedure with ease. There is one problem and that is finding storage space in your service vehicle for opening tools which are five to six feet in length.

Pro-Lok has developed the answer with their Quick Change Long Reach Tool. The handle section and working section of the tool have threaded ends which can be screwed together in moments to form one rigid unit. An 18-inch long extension is available which can be inserted between the handle and working units to provide a full 67 inches of length if needed. No couplers are used. This provides a smooth transition from one tool part to the next with no extra wedging necessary to clear oversized couplings.

Three different tip sections are included which add tool versatility. Bendable ‘L' hook and ‘U' hook sections can be bent in any shape to access inner door handles or lock buttons. Diameter of the bendable sections is 1/8”. The tip of a third, rigid tool section, is coated with glow-in-the-dark material. This section and the control handle are both made from 1/4” rod stock. All working tips are rubber coated to assure better control while pushing or pulling lock controls within a vehicle.

Kit AKUL consists of a carrying case measuring 28” long X 9” wide X 4 1/2” high which has specially formed pockets to keep the tools handy and in order. This kit includes 12 pieces, including the basic long reach tools, two rubber wedges, two plastic wedges, heavy duty pump wedge and a 52 page tool usage booklet.

Kit AKUC has the same carrying case and parts as the AKUL kit. In addition, six other parts are added. Popular Pro-Lock tools such as their Slim Jim, double-ended hook and lift tool, double-ended slide lock tool and wide panel MCOT under the window tool make the AKUC kit a vehicle opening solver for almost every situation.

For more information on Pro-Lok products, contact your local locksmith distributor or Pro-Lok at web site www.pro-lok.com, telephone 714-633-0681.


Keeping Valuables Safe At Home

Every customer that walks in your door has papers which might be difficult or impossible to replace in case of fire. Perhaps people have mementos or things to keep safe from children. One of the best ways to keep things handy but secure is to have a safe for these personal items.

Pro-Lok has an interesting line of home safes. As an example, the GLSF-FR31 has an interior dimension of 14” X 11” X 9” height. It offers 30 minutes of fire resistance, a user changeable 3-8 digit electronic lock, an emergency key override, solid steel construction and pre-drilled mounting holes for securing the safe in position.

Colorful retail packaging is designed to arouse customer interest while they wait for service in your store. With the benefits of safe ownership printed right on the outer package, Pro-Lok has changed the sale of safes into the purchase of an impulse item which just happens to be a safe. Stock a few on your counter and watch the action begin.


Door Hardware


Nov. 27, 2007