Packed With Power: HPC Tiger Shark

Aug. 1, 2009

HPC has just announced a new electronic code machine called the Tiger Shark. This machine is rugged enough for use in your service vehicle, small enough to easily fit on your crowded work bench, and loaded with features.

Features include a vise jaw which can be easily rotated to secure keys of different shapes and sizes for origination. One side of the jaw is shaped to hold double-sided keys by their grooves instead of being set flush with the base of the jaw. This allows both sides of a double-sided key to be accurately cut. Internal programming automatically adjusts for different key sizes.

Another interesting feature is the reflective metal plate on the front of the HPC Tiger Shark machine. This plate acts like a mirror, helping the locksmith remain clear of any flying key chips while still easily observing the key cutting operations from start to finish. Once finished, a handy Tiger Shark cleaning brush removes all traces of burrs.

HPC is not through yet. You don’t need heavy wrenches to change the cutter. A special nut fastening system allows removal and installation of cutter blades without using a wrench. Hand tightening is all that is needed.


The heart of the HPC Tiger Shark code machine is the on-board computer. A touch screen makes quick work of entering data.

The main screen contains choices of “DSD”, “Codes”, “Tools”, “Reset” and “Help”. In addition, the last DSD number previously used is displayed, along with up to three favorite DSD numbers of the locksmith’s choice.

After pressing DSD, a calculator-style screen appears showing numbers and alphabetical letters. The locksmith can then type in the required manufacturer such as Kwikset. Press the ‘enter’ button to move on to the next screen.

The next screen displays the four choices available for Kwikset. This includes wide cut, narrow cut, .015 increments for masterkeying, and Titan. Press ‘enter’ screen after making choice.

Boxes showing the possible depths of cut for the chosen DSD number are now displayed. The final step is to enter the required cuts, then press the ‘cut key’ button which sends the information to the Tiger Shark for origination. Screens are simple to use and only requires the locksmith to know the lock manufacturer and the key cuts needed.


The complete HPC code data base containing millions of key codes and vast key blank cross reference listings is programmed into the Tiger Shark. The machine also contains computer ports for connection to a personal computer. Future HPC code updates can be quickly downloaded to keep the code system current.

After the ‘Codes” button is pressed on the main screen, a new screen appears showing five choices: “Vehicle Codes”, “Padlock Codes”, “Lockshop Codes”, “direct Digit Codes” and “Search All Codes.”

As example, if Vehicle codes is chosen, a calculator-style screen appears. Locksmiths must then enter the code number. In addition, locksmiths can either enter the name of a vehicle or enter the key blank of their choice.

Next, all series fitting the code/manufacturer or code/key blank choice will be displayed. After choosing one of the series, a screen will be displayed showing the proper cuts, plus the jaw and cutter blade to use. Install the key blank, press ‘cut key’ and the Tiger Shark cuts the key automatically. Innovative optional adapters allow the Tiger Shark to cut Medeco, Tibbe and tubular keys.

The “Tools” button on the main screen sends locksmiths to a screen with options for adjusting the machine and making special DSD numbers.

The economical Tiger Shark is designed for versatility and reliability by the HPC company, the first inventors of computerized code machines over 25 years ago.

For further information contact your local locksmith distributor or source