Kaba Ilco Introduces 044 Key Duplicator

Sept. 1, 2009
Features such as micrometer-style cutter stylus adjustment, an emergency circuit breaker and sturdy castings – along with Super Jaw 2 vise jaws provide accurate key duplication time after time.

So you are looking for a new key duplicator. There are a lot of key duplicators on the market today and choosing the right one can be a problem. The best way to begin is to decide which features are important to you.

My key machine experience goes back a few decades before double-sided keys were popular. Key machines contained one stationary vise jaw and small keys such as a Master 1092B had to be shimmed up in the vise before they could be duplicated. A box next to the key machine in our shop contained miscellaneous cotter pins, bent paper clips, nails and other shims. I had to sift through the box to find some kind of arrangement to hold keys almost every time I used the machine.

Key machine manufacturers in those days never planned on extra-long keys, oversized heads or tip-stop, shoulderless keys. Kaba Ilco has thought about all these things and more in their new 044 Performance Series. One of the first things you will notice after unpacking the 044 machine are the vise jaws. A 3 1/4” space separates the jaws, providing enough room to duplicate almost any large head key Detroit can dream up.

Sturdy 4-way Super Jaw 2 jaws can be easily rotated to four different holding positions. The jaws are approximately 1 7/16” wide to provide a large holding surface. Ball bearing shaft washers and large wing nuts require only hand tightening. In fact, the instruction manual specifies that no pliers be used to tighten keys in the jaws.


STANDARD- Holds most common commercial and residential key blanks

NARROW- Holds small utility lock keys such as an O1122 or 1092B

Wide- Holds large non-grooved, double-sided blanks such as Ford 1184FD

X POSITION- Special jaw projections hold double-sided convenience keys by their grooves.


The Kaba Ilco 044 is a semi-automatic key duplicating machine. A torsion spring mounted on the carriage is designed to maintain the correct amount of pressure needed to keep the key guide against the original key contours during the duplicating process. According to the type of key being duplicated, the four-way, Super Jaw 2 jaws are easily rotated into the proper position before proceeding.


Tilt the carriage outward until it automatically locks into position. Move the carriage fully to the left using the carriage lever. Insert a key blank in the right vise jaw, set the shoulder approximately parallel with the left side of the jaw, and tighten the blank lightly in place. Pivot the key gauge downward against the key blank. Move the carriage slowly to the right until the key gauge tip touches the key blank shoulder. Loosen the key blank. Make certain that the bottom of the blank is firmly in position against the jaw and that the top shoulder is touching the key gauge, then retighten the key blank in the jaws. Insert the pattern key in the left vise jaw, make certain that the bottom of the pattern key is firmly in place against the jaw and top shoulder is touching the key gauge before tightening the pattern key in the jaws.

For tip-stop keys, move the carriage until the key gauge is set near the tip of each key. Loosen each key and move the tip firmly against the key gauge before final tightening.


Firmly grasp the carriage handle and push downward. Pull outwards on a trigger release located under the carriage handle. Slowly move the carriage handle upwards. This moves the carriage towards the key cutter blade. Use a smooth, steady movement of the carriage lever to the right for initial cutting, then move the carriage lever slowly back to the left to finish the duplicating process. A cleaning brush located on the right side of the machine is used to provide final burr removal.

The Ilco 044 is loaded with features such as micrometer-style cutter stylus adjustment, an emergency circuit breaker and sturdy castings throughout. The hardened steel main shaft rotates on ball bearings to provide years of trouble-free service. All this plus Super Jaw 2 vise jaws assures you of accurate key duplication time after time..

For more information on the 044 semi-automatic key duplicator by Kaba Ilco Corp., contact your local locksmith distributor or Kaba Ilco Corp. at 252-446-3321, web site www.kaba-ilco.com .