New Kwikset Key Control™ Deadbolt

Feb. 1, 2010
Kwikset Key Control™ deadbolts are designed for multi-family housing, student housing, assisted living or rental properties. A deadbolt lock provides security while a keyless passage lock is used for normal ingress and egress.

Approximately two years ago Kwikset introduced their SmartKey rekeyable lock cylinder. Without lock disassembly, the lock cylinder can be quickly rekeyed to any Kwikset key which contains original Kwikset spacing and numbers in the 1 to 6 depth range. The SmartKey lock cylinder can only be operated by a single key combination.

Another feature of the SmartKey design is Bump Guard protection. Key bumping depends on an action-reaction between bottom and driver pins. The SmartKey system uses a sidebar locking design and has no driver pins. Mechanical interaction needed for key bumping to be successful does not exist in the SmartKey design.

SmartKey technology is ideal for a residence or small office where all the SmartKey locks are keyed alike and every person authorized for access will have a key with the same combination of key cuts. There are millions of residential homes in existence which can use the SmartKey, thus millions of possible applications.

In order to expand the usage of SmartKey-equipped locks, Kwikset has just introduced a new deadbolt version using SmartKey technology (photo 1). The new Key Control™ deadbolt accepts two keys, a user key and a control key. The control key can be thought of as a master key.

The Key Control™ deadbolt has a slightly larger cylinder housing which contains two SmartKey lock cylinders, one above the other. The cylinders are connected by a set of gears (photo 2). A standard Kwikset tailpiece shaft is attached to the gearing, so rotation of either the control key cylinder or the user key cylinder will operate the tailpiece. A thumb turn is used for interior locking and unlocking.

Only the user cylinder is visible on the face of the lock cylinder (photo 3). A small slot in the cylinder cover (scalp) will accept the tip of the change key tool. The change key tool can then be used to rotate the cylinder cover 180 degrees to reveal the Key Control cylinder (photo 4). Photo 5 shows the cylinder cover turned 90 degrees. Note the top and bottom cylinder locations in the housing. Once usage of the control key is completed, the cylinder cover can be rotated back 180 degrees to its original position so the user cylinder can again be used.

Kwikset Key Control deadbolts are designed for situations such as multi-family housing, student housing, assisted living or rental properties. The Key Control ™ design is specifically made for deadbolt locks. An installation consists of a deadbolt lock to provide security while a keyless, passage lock is used for normal ingress and egress.

User keys for Kwikset Key Control deadbolts are the standard 1-1063 Kwikset keyway. However the key control cylinder has a unique patented keyway to provide increased security. Control keys are stamped “Do Not Duplicate”. Photo 6 shows a user key on the left and a control key on the right.

Kwikset plans to make control keys available only where Key Control Deadbolts are sold and only in quantities of 10 in either cut or uncut form. Quoting directly from our Kwikset source, “It (the control key blank) will not be available in big box stores or from Ilco, only directly from us to our customers.”

The SmartKey design uses a five tumbler system. Assuming a maximum adjacent cut (MAC) of 4, the Kwikset key system provides thousands of usable key codes. Since the control key and the user keys are inserted into different lock plugs, locksmiths do not have to be concerned about key interchanges normally associated with a system which uses master chips. Any handful of miscellaneous Kwikset cut keys can be instantly made into a secure single level master key system.

The new Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt fits into a normal cutout of 1” edge bore and 2 1/8” cross bore. The latch unit can be easily adjusted for either a 2 3/8” or 2 3/4” backset. The Key Control Deadbolt is certified as grade 2 by ANSI/BHMA and has passed the highest level UL 437 pick test plus a 3 hour rated UL fire test. Ball bearings are strategically located near the face of the cylinder to resist drilling. Five finishes are available including brass, bronze, Nickel and brushed chrome.

The Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt provides a sales opportunity with every building owner where renters move in and out on a regular basis. Every door in those buildings is a candidate for the installation of a passage set and a Kwikset Key Control™ deadbolt, and a long-range customer for new sets of original keys and lock servicing in a lost key situation.

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