Jan. 3, 2014
Gain an overview of the powerful solutions provided by Acsys mechatronic locks and keys!

Acsys's military-grade, globally patented programmable locks and keys allows you to control who goes where, when, and for how long while tracking a record of all user operations. Unlike a card system, this is achieved without wiring, seriously reducing investment in costs, time, and maintenance. The system functions offline and thereby will functions without external power, although we do offer a wired 'LAN Lock' to connect to an on-site modem. Acsys high security locks are impossible to pick and keys are impossible to copy. All data transfer utilizes top-end AES128bit encryption and means all user data is totally secure. Through new innovations such as the world unique Code Generation System combined with the new Acsys App, real-time control and notification can be achieved even in the absence of wired infrastructure.  Moreover, since Acsys’s core technology lies in the lock cylinder and keys themselves, Acsys’s mechatronic technology can be applied to padlocks as well as door locks, successfully integrating indoor and outdoor access control to fill-in a long-standing gap in the industry.