Return of the Automotive Mechanical Key and Lock?

Aug. 7, 2013
Vehicle security in question. Should a second credential be added? Should the mechanical key come back?

Manufacturers are having difficulty maintaining security for their vehicles as a new problem is happening to Volkswagen. Even if Volkswagen is able to prevent the release of a paper from the University of Birmingham in England, the cat is out of the bag.

Other not necessary honorable people can recreate the effort, package it and sell a product that eliminates the need of a properly programmed fob to drive away an engine immobilizer equipped Volkswagen.

Insurance companies cannot and will not pay for vehicles that have no security. Remember the late 1970's and early 1980's Chevrolet Corvette. Remember the term "Gone in 60 seconds".

According to folklore, General Motors had a choice to add additional security or the cost of insurance on a new Corvette would be too expensive to own. Remember VATS. It worked.

For now, a secondary credential, a fingerprint readers or mechanical lock and key may not prevent, but slow down (and in many cases stop) a vehicle from being stolen.

As always, your input is valued and appreciated.