Pride in One's Work

Aug. 6, 2012
What ever you do be proud

A friend was telling me about a horrific rainstorm that not only destroyed his vegetable garden, lightning severely damaged a tree next to his home. He went on to tell me his friend, a tree trimmer had removed that tree and several more very tall trees from his property. The tree trimmer after removing the largest tree, well over one hundred feet tall with a four foot plus diameter base, said removing that tree was the proudest moment of his career.

This started me thinking about having pride in the work we do. I asked my friend what his proudest moment was as a locksmith. He said, the day he stood next to Mary May at the 2006 A.L.O.A. Convention as he was receiving the Instructor of the Year Award.

Since then I have asked a number of locksmiths what was their proudest moment. Answers included working on foreign cars, hiring teenagers who have become well known in the industry, writing books or inventing tools. Some were most proud of learning new methods and techniques.

My proudest moment was when I successfully opened a safe in front of an audience of employees.

What's yours?