Foretelling the Future of Print Telephone Directories?

March 5, 2012

We received the new yellow pages telephone directory a few weeks ago. This directory contains the yellow pages and the commercial white pages. There was a note along with the directory explaining the residential white pages are no longer included.
Years’ back, we would receive separate yellow pages and white pages. In fact, we would receive a few yellow page directories from different publishers throughout the year. Now it appears that there is just one print directory in this area.

This new telephone directory is only several inches thick, containing more than just the yellow pages. To its defense, it covers a much smaller area. It is also physically smaller than earlier yellow page directories.

Men in a non-descript white van delivered the directory, with the rear end dragging on near flat tires. They dropped them as close to the front door as possible. They tossed them onto front porches hidden behind gates. Some were left on gates as the front porches were too far for a controlled throw.

For a number of days, many of these directories are unwanted by those who live in the homes and apartments. It seems the owners are waiting for the clean-up crew to come along and retrieve the unwanted ones. After a sufficient time, many of these sprinkler and dew dampened directories disappear, probably into trash or recycling receptacle.

This apparent lack of interest seems to make sense as I have asked friends, neighbors and business associates if they still use the yellow pages directory. Those who did not own a computer and Internet access are more likely to use it. Those who are not computer proficient may or may not. Those who are, use their cell phones.

For those locksmiths who still advertise in their local yellow pages, are you still getting sufficient bang for your buck? Are you going to advertise in the 2013 directory? If not, where are you spending your advertising dollars?