It Happened in 2011

Dec. 20, 2011

This time of year many news outlets look back and report on what happened during the last twelve months. Each year we make a listing of all the articles which appeared in Locksmith Ledger during that year, so I went back over our listings to find out what was hot during the year 2011 in the locksmith industry.

1. Far and away the most popular topic during the year was electronics. Change a circuit board and a new product comes to life. It is much easier than designing a new exit device or door closer. There are three different electronic push button lock articles nearing completion in our office right now. Names like Digilock, Access 800, Codelocks , E-Digital, Revolution and SmartCode are just some of the names we reported on in 2011.

2. Wireless was another subject of note. Last January we reported on the meaning of all the new buzz words used in access control. Names like Paxton, Honeywell, STI, Networx and E-Plex were worthy of articles in the 2011 editions of Locksmith Ledger.

3. New electronic products for cars was another big topic during the year. One article touted, "Time to Buy a New Transponder Programmer." Jet, JMA, Kaba-Ilco, Bianchi, Hata and Strattec all had new transponder key listings in the pages of Locksmith Ledger during 2011.

4. Hybrid cylinders with both electronics and high security mechanical lock systems came of age in 2011. Medeco, Assa, SaltoGeo and Simons Voss were among those mentioned during 2011.

5. Electric strike introductions were many and varied. HES. Trine and RCI were just a few of the companies with new electric strike introductions during the year.

6. New door closers were shown by LCN, Norton, Corbin-Russwin, Design Hardware and Arrow. While door closer introductions have been sparse for years, an impressive array of new ideas, packaging and higher quality door closers provides us with something new and profitable to sell.

7. There were also new introductions for traditional locksmithing. Kaba-Ilco, Jet, Framon and Keyless Ride had some exciting new key machines. New key blanks were introduced by every aftermarket key blank company. Key blanks decorated with sports teams, comic characters and other eye-catching pictures can provide a new revenue source. Strattec, Master Lock and Kwikset introduced versions of owner-rekeyable locks.

Evolution is a certainty. We can either look at some of the new products mentioned above as a threat to locksmithing as we have known it, or find out as much as we can about these new products and learn to sell them to our profitable advantage. Locksmith Ledger will continue to support every iniative possible in order to guide you to success as our industry undergoes changes. May each and every one of you have an enjoyable and prosperous New Year.