News, July 2023

July 3, 2023

SDC Doubles Size of Campus Headquarters

After a multi-year search for suitable factory space to meet its growth needs, SDC (Security Door Controls) was able close escrow on a facility at the end of 2022 - literally across the parking lot from its current headquarters.

The new SDC Campus Building #2 has been undergoing site improvements and is now ready to accommodate the first phase of a planned expansion of manufacturing, research & development, product & service training, and inventory control/warehouse capabilities.

“It’s always been about increasing our self-reliance and becoming an even more sustainable enterprise,” explained Shane Geringer, SDC’s CEO and president. “We are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity open up right under our noses. Although it’s a big investment, history has shown that when we make strategic moves to boost our operations, we have more than recouped the investment through increased efficiency and throughputs.”

To that end, the expanded campus will make SDC less vulnerable to supply chain challenges and inflation pressures, benefiting its customer base of security products wholesale distributors, systems integrators, contract and wholesale door hardware distributors.

“The pandemic exposed the inherent weakness to lean manufacturing processes when materials and components were in short supply. Now we can warehouse more inventory parts and sub-assemblies at favorable costs and increase factory production capabilities to further reduce reliance on outside vendors,” Geringer continued. “Years ago we made capital investments in sophisticated machinery to produce more finished components in-house to reduce delays and to provide greater quality control. The expanded campus will allow us to do more of the same.”

The additional space has already allowed SDC to expand its Engineering and R&D Lab and Testing, and to re-locate its specialized machine shop prototyping equipment into its own purpose-built area. More factory assembly and expanded product lines are also planned to continue SDC’s commitment to “Designed, Engineered & Built In America.”

Product and system training capabilities have also improved by virtue of leaving SDC’s trade show booths set-up and available for in-house sessions.

“Our larger booth has several working door installations to easily demonstrate proper product applications and code compliance for virtually any door opening we provide a solution for,” Geringer detailed. “Having our booths available allows us to provide more learning opportunities that go beyond our existing SDC Academy PowerPoint presentations. Plus, class attendees also benefit from an on-site factory tour when visiting us.”

Additionally, SDC is using its newly available space to expand its training classroom to accommodate more products, people and more hands-on training tools and exercises.

Kaba Ilco Announces Rebranding

Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Ilco, the largest U.S.-based key manufacturer, announced that it has completed a significant rebranding.

"The Ilco brand is one of the most recognizable in the industry. So naturally, we wanted to remain moored to our traditional footprint – with slight modifications. The core of our manufacturing offerings is reflected in the new logo by adding the key and the red stripes, which symbolize both the pins inside a cylinder and the stripes of the US flag," says Walter Fuldner, senior marketing manager.

"Kaba Ilco® has been the industry leader in American key manufacturing for over a century. From the beginning, we've worked to support and provide quality solutions to the market," Fuldner adds.

As Ilco continues to perfect the process, innovation remains the focus. In addition, the company has continued pushing its manufacturing envelope as its products have evolved. It's why Ilco believes now is the right time to refresh its logo. As we enter our next phase of innovation and continue to develop and promote new, revolutionary products, we are excited to bring you the new Kaba Ilco.

Kaba Ilco Corp. produces millions of keys weekly in its 300,000-square- manufacturing facility. These keys range from original equipment keys manufactured for the lock and automobile industry to keys sold to security professionals and retail and service stores throughout North America.

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Kwikset for Multifamily

LAKE FOREST, CA Kwikset, a brand of Spectrum Brands, Inc. – Hardware & Home Improvement Division, introduces its first electronic access control (EAC) solution for the multifamily market.

UNITE will give property managers and owners in the multifamily sector a number of noteworthy benefits. Besides providing a more effective way to manage their properties, it will reduce key management time and costs while increasing profits. What’s more, it allows for increased occupancy, retention, and rental rates, as renters and owners of multifamily units are demanding that their apartments offer more technology to enhance their living experience; therefore, locks using Bluetooth technology and RFID are in exceptionally high demand.

Kwikset’s entry into the electronic side of the multifamily housing market is being catalyzed by two key factors:

The company has extensive experience in the multifamily housing market via its mechanical lock business. Consequently, Kwikset is familiar with the specific needs, objectives, and pain points of this unique sector.

Kwikset also boasts a great deal of expertise with electronic locking solutions, as evidenced by its overwhelming share of the single-family residential market.

While multifamily property managers and owners will comprise the primary audience for UNITE, secondary sales channels include builders and developers, hardware dealers, wholesale distributors, general contractors, LV systems integrators, and third-party software providers. Clearly, UNITE will be a product that holds benefits for a wide variety of audiences in the multifamily sector.

The UNITE platform is expected to be available by the 3rd quarter of 2023. It will be sold through pro channel distributors and dealers.

VingCard Novel Hotel Door Lock Wins Award

VingCard Novel from ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, has been named this year’s Product Design winner at the Red Dot Design Awards. As a next generation door lock solution engineered to address the hotel security needs of today and tomorrow, VingCard Novel significantly gained praise for its ability to blend in seamlessly with any property’s style and for its unique modular design approach to components.

While all hardware is encased within a sleek, yet customizable door handle, VingCard Novel’s game-changing advantage lies in its ability to keep pace with new advances in technology as well as shifts in industry trends. This includes the ability to stay up to date with the latest security encryption protocols while facilitating integrations with third-party solutions, including with technologies that have yet to be made available to industry businesses. Additional solution features that led to VingCard Novel’s latest award win also include:

  • Mobile Access ready activation
  • Compatibility with digital wallet-based mobile keys
  • Suitability for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Durable components able to withstand against years of daily wear & tear
  • Use of sustainable materials and manufacturing practices to safeguard eco-friendly reputations

"VingCard Novel is a fantastic product and a true confirmation that we are focusing on the right aspects of product design. Since it was first presented, it has been loved by our customers, especially architects and interior designers. Our focus has been to offer a product for indoor and outdoor use that meets all requirements and regulations while also providing a service and experience that’s truly outstanding. Its super smart, convenient, user-friendly and features beautiful aesthetics made to last. Viewed from both a quality perspective and from a sustainable standpoint, the design of VingCard Novel elevates hotel stay experiences by making all doors look and feel complete," commented Perla Munhoz, the Global Head of Product Design at ASSA ABLOY Group.

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 ‘Works with Latch’ Partners with Marks USA

Latch, Inc., maker of LatchOS, the full-building enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, announced the completion of the first installation of Latch-powered Marks USA ArchiTech Series Networx Locks at Meridia Living’s Meridia Village Commons in South Orange, NJ. Residents of the new construction building of 106 units will benefit from Latch’s full-building smart access, flexible unlock methods, and concierge capabilities, delivering a seamless resident and property management experience.

“This first installation with Marks USA is a milestone in accelerating Latch’s vision to make it easier for customers to deliver the best resident experience,” said Jamie Siminoff, Latch’s incoming CEO. “Marks USA locks integrated with Latch’s technology should streamline new and retrofit installations moving forward and help expand Latch’s footprint in new market segments. This installation serves as a proof of concept for similar opportunities in the future.”

This integration merges Latch’s app experience and Latch Lens with a vast array of customizable architectural door hardware from Marks USA, a division of NAPCO Security Technologies. The Latch app enables authorized users and residents to unlock the door in whatever manner they choose, such as with an iOS or Android device, Apple Watch, keycard, or door code, for unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

“Working with Latch, we are able to deliver a modern, elevated access control experience to our customers and their end users, aesthetically matching Marks door locks inside and outside the building,” said Stephen Spinelli, SVP ofsSales at NAPCO. “We are thrilled to complete our first installation together and look forward to bringing this more fluid user experience to more spaces and residents, teaming the considerable strengths of Latch’s access control and property management technology with Marks USA Custom Locking.”

Meridia Living, along with Latch’s installation partner Protection Technologies, helped make this project possible. In addition to managing the installation process, Protection Technologies was instrumental in the design, servicing, and support for this project.

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People In The News

Dave Timmerman, a 38-year veteran of the automatic door industry, is the new president of the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM). He was previously serving as vice president of the association and has held various offices within it since 2019.

His extensive industry experience began in 1985, working in the field as a service technician and installer for Wild Automatic Door in Northern California. In 1991, Wild Automatic Door was purchased by Besam Entrance Solutions, becoming the second branch for the company. Timmerman would go on to hold the position of service manager for the Northern California branch. In 2002, he became an employee of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems when it purchased the Besam organization. In 2009, Timmerman became a regional trainer for ASSA ABLOY for the Western U.S. and Canada. In 2014, he became the director of code compliance and safety, a position he holds today. He is also one of the original AAADM instructors, starting when certification classes began in 1995.

Throughout his career, Timmerman has been a proponent of and believer in training and continuing education, which he expects to be a focus of his presidency. “For this year’s renewal, inspectors will have to pass a short exam to recertify. I’m excited about the enhanced consistency of performance that will result,” said Timmerman. “In addition, we would like to strengthen our training programs and add compelling ongoing education courses.”

Timmerman has long believed that a mastery among installers and service technicians of ANSI standards pertaining to automatic doors is critical to maintaining high-quality performance of industry products in the field. “ANSI standards can be open to interpretation,” said Timmerman. “It’s our job to provide our installers and service technicians with the tools and information they need to interpret and apply those standards consistently.”

Timmerman’s rise to the presidency came after the unexpected passing of AAADM’s previous president, Len Pursell, who died in January following a brief illness. Timmerman and Pursell once worked together during their respective Besam days. “Len was staunch in his belief in what we’re doing, both as AAADM and as an industry,” said Timmerman. “He’s going to be missed. We still talk about him often. I know I speak for many that it is our wish to honor his legacy.”

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) is a trade association of manufacturers of automatic pedestrian door systems. AAADM was founded in 1994 with the following mission: to increase awareness of automatic doors and accessibility needs; to increase education, training, and professionalism among installers and service providers; and to generally promote the safe use of automatic doors. 

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