2022 Corporate Profile: Camden Door Controls

Aug. 2, 2022

Camden Door Controls is an industry-leading provider of innovative, high-quality and competitively priced door activation, control and locking products. For more than 30 years, Camden has provided ideal solutions for any access control or automatic door application.

Camden also offers a family of "no-touch" solutions for your automatic door or access control applications and is your one-stop resource for everything touchless!

We’re proud to introduce our CM-336 Series of battery-operated 915-megahertz wireless switches — it joins our SureWave line of industry-leading touchless switches and features a Lazerpoint RF transmitter that’s been proven in thousands of installations. And our recently released CV-603 BLE two-door access control system provides a whole new level of user convenience and supports smartphone credentials right out of the box.

Camden offers a comprehensive range locking, wireless and door control solutions. Check them out on our website — www.camdencontrols.com!


Camden customer support leads the market with two-day shipping to all major cities in North America and online website support in English, French and Spanish. In addition to support documentation, including reference guides, manuals and videos, Camden backs its products with superior customer service, technical support, product delivery and warranty. With a proven 30-plus-year track record for excellence, Camden looks forward to serving you and helping you to Open New Doors to Innovation, Quality and Support!