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July 2, 2020

Twenty Years Ago

Jerry Levine outlined the large variety of Major Manufacturing HIT lock installation jigs. HES 9600 Genesis rim-mounted electric strikes were featured in an article. Jerry Levine reported on the steps required to install a Sargent low-voltage door operator. Auto expert Jeff Trepanier demonstrated how to fit keys to a BMW R1100 motorcycle. Gale Johnson introduced a Trilogy lock for mortise applications. Wade Landrum discovered a new locksmith tool called Rekey Tool sold by Clark Security. Jerry Levine reported on the installation of a Securitron Magnalock access control system at a Clark Security branch office. Fifty locksmiths were in attendance to learn the installation procedure. Richard Formica showed the steps required when fitting keys to a Suzuki Savage cycle. An installation article described how to install an LCN 1460 super stock door closer. Padlock products offered by U.S. Lock distributors were the subject of an article. Locksmith Ledger visited Main's Lock Supply to show how it services interchangeable-core cylinders. Wade Landrum reported on a new direction Clark Security was taking. Aable introduced its product to prevent car trunk entrapment. Milt Wolferseder had interesting comments concerning electronic safe locks.

Ten Years Ago

Peter Dinshel, president of the ILA Great Lakes Chapter, was interviewed about an occupation as an institutional locksmith. Jerry Levine assisted in the installation of a Von Duprin Quiet Electric Latch (QEL) conversion. Steps were shown for converting a door originally mortised for a cylindrical lock as it was rebored for an exit device. Tim O'Leary noted features of power supplies for an access control application. Jan Howard, Lucky Line, suggested items which can generate impulse buying.  Tim O'Leary outlined some of the problems when transitioning from mechanical to electronic lock systems. A listing of laser lock usage showed what’s happening in the sidewinder revolution. Steve Young had some suggestions about dealing with pesky pin retainers when disassembling vehicle cylinders.

1200PCH Revisited

Many new keys for recreational-vehicle locks, truck caps, electric switches, toolboxes and car-top carriers can be cut easily when using an HPC 1200PCH punch machine. Most of these key blanks use flat, double-side blanks, which are cut easily with this punch machine.

Two attachments were made to simplify the job. The first tool is a reversible plate that prevents blanks from dropping into the PCH during key insertion. The second tool is an aligner that fits over the die. After the first side of a key is cut, this tool aligns the uncut side to be parallel within the vise jaw. Both tools can be used during spare time. Use HPC micrometer cards to originate keys when designated HPC cards aren’t available.