Advertising Your Business

June 2, 2020

Remember hula hoops, phone booths and Jerry Lewis telethons? Those were names we once thought would always be part of our vocabulary. Another name is Yellow Pages. When was the last time you saw that Yellow Pages logo with the two walking fingers?  Telephone books probably get more use today as booster chairs for children while they sit at the table.

Yellow Pages salesmen operated for many years as order-takers. The best way to gain business exposure in those days was in the Yellow Pages, and the only yearly question was whether to increase the size of your ad.  

Cellphones and the internet changed Yellow Pages advertising forever. Phone books require customers to search countless pages to find a specific occupation or company name. Search engines make it easy to quickly find the specific name of a company. This is particularly important for locksmith businesses that often are mired with dozens of other 24/7 locksmith names that have flooded the internet.

As Yellow Pages popularity fades, the importance of people remembering your specific business can’t be overstated. Advertising can take many forms beside a static line or two in Yellow Pages. Make a bold statement on your service vehicles, displaying your business name, website, phone number and services offered. Your van is a moving billboard during every trip you make.

While on each job, ask customers for their email address. Send email thank-you notes and requests for referrals to every customer you have worked for. Emails don’t require stamps or specific days for Uncle Sam to deliver mail. Keeping your name in front of current customers is a bonus, not a cost.

Use that same customer email list and send reminders of your business on networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  As customers “like” your comments, they’ll connect their friends, and the networking list will grow. Networking has no recurring monthly  costs. It only costs your time. With current conditions providing a little extra time, the opportunity is ripe for building your network base.

The most important suggestion is saved for last. First, search other locksmith websites and get some ideas for building or upgrading your own website. There are ways to build a website yourself, or you can hire a professional. Either way, a good website is the “Yellow Pages ad” of today. Show pictures of installations your company has performed. Provide videos or text instructions with security tips for customers. Explain to customers what services you provide, and list any other positives, such as years in business (experience), technicians on staff, multiple locations or any other interesting facts. Then, when the phone rings, you’ll know it’s because of the seeds that you sowed.