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Dec. 4, 2019

Twenty Years Ago

Key machines were featured in the January 2000 Locksmith Ledger. Gale Johnson wrote an article about the Ilco 044 duplicator. Jerry Levine reported on the now extinct Curtis 15XL code cutter. Laser cut keys signalled the end of punch machines. Jerry Levine also introduced the Medeco KeyMark air-powered code machine. Jeff Trepanier explained how to fit keys to a GMC Sierra truck. Installation of a mechanical Ilco Unican 8100 series lock was explained. Locksmith James Glazier offered ideas on various high security lock types. HPC introduced an interactive Car Opening Authority on CD. Writer Rod Oden offered his expertise on using the correct pin stacks for optimum cylinder operation. Charles Stephenson, CPS, wrote part four of his articles on combination lock servicing. Hubert Curry discovered an infrared- controller by Morning Industries. Kevin Moore showed how to retrofit a Mosler safe lock. Mile Wolferseder repaired a Remington-Sherman Iron Safe.

Ten Years Ago

Called the "Ultimate Key Management Program,” Medeco Key Wizard was the subject of an article. William Lynk reported on the BiLock key system. Tim O'Leary suggested ways to used delayed egress products. Tim O'Leary also tested the new ADA-EZ battery-operated door closer. Jerry Levine installed an LCN 4040XP door closer with a spring cush arm. Jerry Levine also showed details of installing a gate closing system by Positive Force. Where are they now? Tom Demont reported on codes, laws and regulations for the professional locksmith. Gale Johnson explained the process for cloning vehicle transponder keys. Steve Young wrote an overview of various available lock picks.

New Products From Wedgeco

Locksmiths have always seen a need for some new tool or device to make their job easier and then often set about making that tool for themselves. Locksmith Doug Kimsey is a perfect example. He not only developed some new tools but then formed Wedgeco and offered them for sale.

We first learned of Wedgeco when a line of broken key extractors was introduced. A #3000 key extractor kit includes thin key extractors plus thin nose pliers for removing the broken key blade as it is brought near the surface of the plug. A #7000 kit contains thin, pliable extractors which can be inserted on both sides of a broken key before being twisted together to grab the piece and pull it to the surface. Instructions on Youtube show how this is done.

The latest products from Wedgeco include a heavy duty tension wrench and a dual picking tool for unlocking laser-type vehicle locks. Instructions from Wedgeco state that the pick can be used for unlocking most Chrysler, Ford, GM and Jeep locks using sidewinder construction.

For further information contact your favorite distributor or find Wedgeco at: