Back Page, November 2019

Nov. 4, 2019

Twenty Years Ago

Converting an A1 PAK-A-PUNCH machine for cutting interchangeable core keys was the comprehensive subject of an article. Where is A1 now? Locksmith John Grist discovered a new Korean wafer reader device by SKT which transfers depth and space readings to a paper readout. High Tech Tools introduced Remote Access System (RAS), a generic long reach tool for vehicle opening. Mark Bates, MBA Specialty Tools, demonstrated their SoftDrill electronic safe dialer for unlocking mechanical safe locks quickly and without damage. Writer Jeff Trepenier showed the steps necessary for servicing GM in-dash ignition locks. Lock servicing for Isuzu Rodeo models was the subject of an article. Writer James Glazier reported on NFPA and building codes which affect locksmiths. Still very important information today. Jerry Levine listed lock manufacturers, locks and keys available for the 2000 model year. Charles Stephenson continued his series on combination lock servicing with a glossary of terms. Locksmith Mike Ferrill installed a Bilco basement door lock. Milt Wolferseder serviced a Mosler insulated file safe lock.

Ten Years Ago

New advances in card readers, scanners and keypads was the subject of an article by Tim O'Leary. Jerry Levine reported on an installation of an access control system featuring identification badges. Tim O'Leary covered various products which can be used for securing gate openings. Jerry Levine showed the step required to install a Norton Trinity 9000 door closer. Gale Johnson suggested using security bars for added protection. Steve Kaufman interviewed locksmiths about how they are combatting the scammer issue. Lucky Line suggested displaying impulse items as an added profit center. Arnie Goldman, President of IDN-Hardware Sales, wrote a stirring article on building business in the scammer era. Great reading, this article could have been written yesterday. Locksmith Ledger began as a newspaper-type magazine in 1939. Gale Johnson describes the 70 year history of Locksmith from then until the 2009. Buddy Logan, Auto Security Products, was interviewed about the development of his company. Further articles told the history of Turn 10 Wholesale and Major Manufacturing.

Furniture Lock Problems

Watch the stream of vehicles traveling down the road and you will find that the mix of Ford, GM and Chrysler only seem be about 50 % of the vehicles in view. All the rest are made by companies located overseas.  The same mix is becoming true of locks being used for furniture. While the amount of overseas vehicles is substantial enough for aftermarket key manufacturers to offer key blanks, the same cannot be said for furniture locks.  Locksmiths are being forced to find existing key blanks to be used as substitutes when duplicate keys for these unknown imports are requested.   

One example is an emerging Asian company called Evergood. We have collected codes for several Evergood series including 101-801, C0-C4, F501-F700, F701-F801 and F802-F675. Depending on the code series, aftermarket key blanks such as Ilco 1640, Y11, 1041X and Y13 can be used. Each code series uses different depth and space dimensions.  Kindly send us any information you may find on what furniture manufacturer may be using these Evergood locks.