Back Page, August 2019

Aug. 2, 2019

Twenty Years Ago

Jerry Levine studied those odd ignition locks installed on Chevrolet Cavaliers during the 1990s. Locksmith Randy Mize checked out the lock system. Wade Landrum found a new product for closing gate doors called Kant Slam. Jerry Levine installed a concealed overhead closer called Sideloader by RSC Enterprises. Jerry Levine also explained how to find the date and month listed in VIN numbers. Writer Wade Landrum described a line of safes made by Mutual Safes which has just opened their fourth distribution location in California. Jerry Levine displayed the steps for installing a Sargent 1130 series door closer and followed with an installation of an LCN Quest series 1370 door closer. Donald LaGasse showed how to use a search engine to locate locksmith information on the internet. Wynn Kessler suggested how to develop a business sales plan. Milt Wolferseder serviced inner compartments on a Major safe. An installment of HMC tubular lock codes was included in this issue.

Ten Years Ago

Jerry Levine discussed the continuing bright future for non-electrified mechanical locksets. Jerry Levine outlined various optional accessories available for safe cabinets. Advanced Diagnostics D-900 Pro was successfully tested while using blanks from several different aftermarket companies. The Schlage bright blue access control system was the topic of an article. Installation of a Codelocks L600 lever lock was covered with several helpful pictures showing the procedure. Tim O'Leary explained the operation of the Kaba E-Plex electronic lock system. Gale Johnson suggested a Ford Connect as the perfect vehicle for your next service van. Tim O'Leary defined when and electromagnetic lock by RCI may be a good choice for your next job. Steve Young described the value of video education for locksmiths in the 21st century. Honeywell Security outlined three ways that wireless security has come of age. Gale Johnson tested the versatile HPC Tiger Shark electronic code machine. Varyx R2 continuous hinges was the topic of an article showing ease of adjustment.

Alera News

Alera manufactures economical furniture usually sold through office supply outlets. Their latest Valencia models are using an imported lock made in China. Several sources on the internet offer replacement lock cylinders furnished with two keys and a control key but no uncut key blanks have been found for sale anywhere. Lock plugs contain six active tumblers plus a seventh retainer tumbler. Control keys are slightly longer and have a reverse keyway to operate the retainer tumbler.

After searching through key catalogs the best substitute key blank for operating keys is an Ilco X67 \ YH28. The blade must be thinned approximately .010 on each side before it will enter the cylinder.

Spacing is: 098 / 189 / 280 / 370 / 461 / 551.

Depths are: 1) 260 2) 240 3) 220 4) 201.