Build A DIY Pinning Kit

April 2, 2019

Every lock company has their own space and depth dimensions. Some manufacturers such as Corbin Russwin have a bevy of different cut depth dimensions depending on the date of manufacture. Canada even uses different Corbin Russwin depth dimensions than those used in USA. The result is a Corbin Russwin pinning kit with an overabundance of bottom and master pins to cover all possibilities. Consider also companies who have different cutting dimensions depending on whether the keyway is standard or sectional. This adds even further to the specialty pinning kits required.

There are some common denominators. All Corbin -Russwin cylinder plugs have either a .509 or .552 diameter. The same holds true for Sargent or Weiser sectional keyways. While the depth increments may change, the plug diameter and pin spacing is constant for every individual lock type. This provides the opportunity to develop what may be called the Universal Pinning System.

Basically this pinning kit contains seven standard bottom pins in lengths .309, .288, .264. .240, .219, .195 and .171. All of these bottom pins are available separately as replacement pin packages for a .003 pinning kit. Factory pin lengths are not used with this Universal Pinning System. Bottom pin lengths shown are for Kwikset locks. All other lock brand cutting depths are changed to align Kwikset-length pins at their shearline.

A Universal Pinning System is an advantageous small investment for locksmiths just entering our business and for any locksmith who chooses not to carry a large pin kit in their service vehicle. All popular lock brands are included. In each case, except for .552 diameter Corbin Russwin cylinders, there are six depth increments. There is no maximum adjacent cut restriction so every change key cut can be used in a single step hold and vary master key system (barring either many of the same cuts in a row or codes with descending key cuts.

Disadvantages include not being able to use the Universal Pinning System for IC core work. A normal off-the-shelf Kwikset pinning kit cannot be used since bottom pins must be pointed instead of having a normal Kwikset wide flat bottom.

Another disadvantage is that the Universal Pinning Kit cannot easily be used for pinning cylinders into an existing factory-depth master key system. For every other keyed different storefront or residential change combination job the Universal Pinning Kit simplifies the process.

Finally, depths are all listed in the attached Depth of Cut chart. These numbers can be immediately used on Framon code machines or dimensions can be input into electronic code machines. For HPC 1200 users, printed cards can be downloaded free of charge on the Locksmith Ledger website. Thin cards from printer paper could be glued onto the back of cards designated for each company so standard or Universal System depths could be available on the same card.

Click on the links to download cards. Be sure your printer is set to print them at full size.









Ilco Lori