New Door Closer Technology from FritsJurgens

April 2, 2019
These ADA-compliant door closers are mortised entirely in the door -- nothing in the floor, nothing in the ceiling

More than a century ago someone invented a product which would prevent a door from slamming. Some people call it a door check; some people call it a door closer. Door closers’ designs include being rim mounted on the door or top header, concealed in the top jamb, in the floor or in the hinge side door frame. Door closers have always been susceptible to problems. Concealed door closers often require removal of bulky threshold screws before servicing floor checks while rim-mounted door closers can develop bent arms, especially if boisterous students are involved.

All closers used on commercial doors contain a spring to provide the closing power and a piston enclosed in liquid. A valve restricts the flow of liquid to control closing speed of the door. Most popular rim-mounted door closers use an unsightly extended arm to connect door and frame.

FritsJurgens is a company from the Netherlands which has a completely new type of pivot door closing system. An outstanding feature of the FritsJurgens pivot door system is that the door closer body is mounted into a mortised pocket in the bottom stile of the door. The result is a finished installation with no door closing hardware visible on either the inner or outer door surface.

The FritsJurgens slogan is, "Nothing in the ceiling, nothing in the floor." Fritsjurgens have been selling door closers in Europe for several years but they were not available until recently in USA after they met ADA regulations.

Both the door closer and the top pivot are mortised into the door. Connecting plates are mounted into the floor and top jamb. FritsJurgens door closers are double acting but may be used on single acting doors if the jamb is fitted with stops.

FritsJurgens manufacturers several different types of door closers but the one being sold in USA is Model M. This closer contains speed adjustments for controlled closing.

The unique hidden design fits into any building decor. Literature states that FritsJurgens door closers provide "pivot doors without limitations" and are "maintenance free" after testing to one million movements. This is comparable to an average of 136 years of daily use.

FritsJurgens pivot door systems can handle doors weighing up to 500 kg and of any dimensions. FritsJurgens pivot door systems can be mounted on wood, metal or aluminum doors.

FritsJurgens door pivot systems were originally designed for new installations but they are now considering aftermarket installations as replacements for antiquated concealed floor checks.

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