Sidewinder Key Machines for the Automotive Locksmith

Nov. 2, 2018

Although more and more cars are being sold with keyless ignitions and fobs to open doors, there are still a huge number of cars on the road today that are opened with mechanical keys, often high security “sidewinder” type keys. To cut these keys, a specialized key machine is required.

Locksmith Ledger looks at some of the options currently on the market. Please check with your local locksmith distributor for detailed information about specials, updates, support and availability of key blanks.

Ilco / Silca Tri-code H.S. 

The Tri-Code H.S. cuts popular sidewinder / laser style, high security automotive keys by code, bitting number or duplication. Simple to operate, this electronic machine will eliminate the guesswork and effort associated with cutting sidewinder / laser style automotive keys. If key "wear" is detected when duplicating, the machine automatically compensates to produce a duplicate key cut to the original factory specifications, within a tolerance of +/- .001".
No set-up or initial calibration required. It’s fully equipped and ready to cut keys once you remove it from the box.


  • Microprocessor controlled cutting operation, utilizing a precision X-Y stepper motor carriage transport mechanism
  • Extensive "on-board" database contains cut specifications for dozens of sidewinder/laser style automotive key systems and also includes indirect codes for most major automotive brands using sidewinder / laser style keys
  • Versatile Three-Position vise clamp (optional vises are not required)
  • Only one cutter required to support all applications
  • Simple to follow menus with easy view LCD display and generous size keypad for easy operation
  • Built-in light illuminates cutting area
  • Protective safety shield
  • Available 110V-A

Laser Key 3D Pro Xtreme

This is the 5th generation machine from Laser Key Products, a U.S. based company that was founded by a locksmith. This latest version features a fully casted body and wider base for added durability and stability.

The 3D Pro Xtreme can be used with a stand-alone PC or tablet, but can also be ordered with a tablet device pre-loaded with the software. Initially the machine will require set-up and calibration allowing the user to customize the set-up for the type of work that they plan on doing. Once set up, the machine is easy to operate, quick, quiet, and produces a key that is cut to factory specs.

Xhorse Condor XC Mini

The new Condor XC Mini key cutting machine cuts all types of automotive keys in the US market: edge-cut, high security, and Tibbe. It's compact, quiet, fast, and extremely easy to use.

Main Features:

  • Quick Start: Wakes up and ready to use in as little 1 second!
  • Built-In Instacode Database: Uses the best code software on the planet to convert your codes to cuts automatically.
  • Brushless Motors w/ Super Power: Uses a 200W brushless motor for fast, quiet key cutting.
  • HD Capacitive Touch Screen: Very easy-to-use user interface on a high quality touch-screen display.
  • All Aluminum: Main body made with industrial grade aluminum for excellent quality and durability.
  • Inexpensive Replacement Cutters: Very durable but still less expensive than all of the competition.
  • 3 Year Warranty: Parts and labor.
  • Available through U.S.-based distributors

HPC Key Machines

With the HPC TigerSHARK™2, you can cut high-security and standard automotive keys, commercial and residential keys, dimple and tubular keys.

Double-Sided Automotive: The end-mill cutter makes quick work of standard double-sided automotive keys. Gone are the days of having to flip over these standard blanks to cut the second side. 
High-Security Automotive: Decode and create High-Security Automotive Keys or cut new keys by code. The easy-to-navigate touch-screen is loaded with graphics that show you exactly how to gauge your keys so that these high-profit keys can be cut quickly and accurately.
HPC Big Groove™ makes it easy and affordable to get into the lucrative high security market. An supremely accurate, heavy-duty track key duplicator. Big Groove™ cuts the most popular 2-track and 4-track keys (internal and external) without additional adapters. Plus, it cuts many luxury and specialty keys.

An additional option from HPC is the Hudson Laser, which duplicates 4 and 8 track Laser, Tubular, Dimple, Wave, and Rod keys.

Jet Key Machines

Designed for the professional locksmith, Jet Hardware's 070 key machine is a semi-automatic, heavy-duty duplicator featuring 4-way jaws with an E-Z Tab for effortless jaw selection, an integrated work light, magnifying glass and chip drawer.

Jet's easy-to-use HS 2000 manual high-security key cutting machine is the affordable alternative to high priced automated machines while still maintaining a high degree of accuracy for all your high-security key blank needs. It comes complete with threedifferent innovative key clamps to better hold worn original keys, a selection of popular cutter and tracer sizes as well as some practice keys for you to get used to your new machine. It is compatible with space-and-depth guides (available elsewhere) to enable key cutting by code.

Keyline USA

Keyline’s 994 Laser, the most advanced key cutting machine for automotive laser keys, edge cut keys and now Tibbe keys has a new, innovative console.

  • Search for make, model and year of the vehicle with preview of the key profile.
  • Instantly search by code even with partial depth input.
  • Dynamic graphic representation of the cut, with additional key information.
  • Management of favorites and customer accounts with an internal database of user notes.
  • Integrated help screens.
  • Updates via Internet or USB.

Ninja Laser combines the mechanical and electronic precision to guarantee unique key cutting performances and quality through two different technologies: a double speed prismatic cutter and an end milling cutter to cut with maximum efficiency door and automotive edge cut keys, laser keys and Tibbe keys by code, decode or depths.

Ninja Laser is designed to better meet the requirements of the professional thanks to the mixture of these two technologies, which allows the combination of maximum cutting precision together with exceptional performance, at the same time guaranteeing extended use of the parts of the key cutting machine.

Framon SD2

Introduced in 2009, Framon’s Sidewinder 2 allows today’s automotive technician an affordable option to begin code cutting high security keys. Out of the box, the Sidewinder 2 can duplicate just about any high security key in use today. Components are also included to code cut Honda, Volkswagen/Audi, Lexus Long & Short, GM, Ford, and Hyundai/Kia 4 track keys at time of purchase.

Kits are available for the machine for a variety of other high security manufacturers including BMW, Subaru, Kia/Hyundai 2 track, Infiniti and many others. Two sets of vises, seven cutters and three guides are all included at time of purchase. A coupon for a full version of Framon’s Genericode ME is also packed with the Sidewinder 2.