Back Page, November 2018

Nov. 2, 2018

Ten Years Ago

Tom Gillespie recommended servicing storefront doors as a new profit center. Ray Zehrung, Marray, Inc., identified legal questions when working on fire exit doors. Jerry Levine showed how to install a PDQ XGT 135 leverset. Jerry Levine also described the installation procedure for a Securitron 6300 magnetic cylinder protector. Tim O’Leary suggested using Biometrics as a second authentication measure. Gale Johnson reported on the Ultimate Lock 3000 rim lock for residences. Jerry Levine explained how to pin Corbin-Russwin IC core cylinders by the numbers. Steve Kaufman interviewed successful locksmith Vicki McCabe. Tim O’Leary described special features of Nuvico Cameras. HPC offered opening techniques for Ford Focus vehicles. Jerry Levine wrote Part 2 in a series concerning retrofitting of an electronic safe lock in place of a mechanical safe lock. John Brueggeman, CLA, explained how vehicle manufacturers are now cooperating with locksmiths and releasing individual key codes by VIN number for most models.

Twenty Years Ago

Auto locks was the topic for the month. Richard Formica wrote an article about the Toyota 4 Runner vehicle family. Tom Thill revealed his secrets for opening a deadlocked BMW. Jerry Levine explained differences in various types of Ford ignition locks. Brian Barnes, Pro-Lok, described how to unlock a Nissan Altima. Writer Ed Hite outlined ways to profit by offering your services to new construction contractors. Gale Johnson reported on Consumer Reports’ testing of residential security add-ons. Jerry Levine detailed the wide variety of Chrysler double-sided logo key blanks. Fred Kosloske, Strattec Security, explained security system types available from Strattec for 1999 vehicles. Tom Morse, Curtis Industries, provided a listing of cams and carriages for the no. 15 Curtis clipper. Where are they now? Frank McCarthy, A1 Security, showed the kits available for the PAK-A-PUNCH. Writer Wynn Kessler offered business assistance on the value of selling service, not price. Laurie Simon introduced his new lock hardware cross reference program. Milt Wolferseder showed how to service Depository and In-Floor safes.

Dialing For Dollars

Frank Torrens, a Florida locksmith, sent us pictures of a York safe he recently opened. The safe was in perfect condition so he sat down with a cup of coffee and started dialing trial York combinations from an old safe manual. Frank stated that there were about 100 combinations to try and at about the 50th combination, the safe unlocked. Pictures show the beautiful York safe lock still in perfect condition.

One note of caution: Safes of this era often used asbestos cement as insulation. May be best to re-install that cover plate ASAP.