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Aug. 2, 2018

Twenty Years Ago

Electronic code machines were the topic of the month. Marty Jalove, HPC, described HPC Codemax machine features. Hubert Curry tested the ITL 9700 electronic code machine. Brian Barnes, Pro-Lok, reviewed the Blu Punch series of mechanical code machines by Pro-Lok. Locksmith Tom Thill showed the lock servicing procedures required for a Chevrolet Blazer. Jerry Levine installed a Freehand door lock by Keyless Door Lock Company. Where are they now? Brian Barnes provided instructions for opening a Toyota Siena using Pro-Lok tools. The Jerry Levine Locksmithing Etc. column mentioned HES 5000 strikes and an Ilco File Guard locking system. Gale Johnson showed features of the Strattec DART tool for interrogating Chrysler SKIM security systems. Wynn Kessler offered insights into building better dealer/customer relations. Locinox gate locks were the subject of an editorial. Jerry Levine introduced three new Gady's "shackle free" padlocks by Smith & Wesson. Barry Leas reported on a recent fire which destroyed the contents of safe deposit boxes at the Two Mellon Center Bank in Philadelphia. Tom Gillespie reviewed Revolution mortise locks by PDQ. Milt Wolferseder showed servicing procedures for BLI safe cabinets.

Ten Years Ago

Video surveillance was the topic of the month. Tim O'Leary described how to pick the right video equipment. Tom Gillespie provided an overview of intercoms and telephone entry systems. Aiphone outlined a communication system they installed in the Oconto Unified School System. Jerry Levine looked at the new FlexaCam cam lock system by CompX. Jerry Levine also installed a T37 Olympus T-Bolt lock on office furniture. Locksmith Rod Oden wrote a basic primer for beginning persons interested in learning about master key systems. Jerry Levine described upgrades to the Schlage S200 interconnected locksets. Tim O'Leary suggested how to work with central station monitoring companies. Steve Kaufman inteviewed a young locksmith in his 30-under-30 series. Gale Johnson reviewed the Salto electronic lock system which uses Virtual Network Rechnology (VNT). Billy Edwards, Master Lock, showed new key cabinets by Master Lock which contain Python rekeyable lock systems. Tim O'Leary provided ideas on how to win that CCTV bid. Gale Johnson showed the problems and solutions with Honda sidewinder lock cylinders.

Wright / Larson Mortise Locksets

In the last few years several brands of high-end import mortise locks have been introduced. These locks contain thin cases and faceplates plus Euro-profile cylinders. In most cases the locks are pre-installed on swinging patio doors or security screen doors. Locksmiths are often called at a later date when either repairs or key replacement is required.

Two of the most popular brands are sold by Wright Products and Larson Doors. Although lock cylinders from these two companies have different shapes, they both use the same Ilco 1662 / WTP2 key blank. If an Ilco 1662 blank is not available, a 997X / Y6 blank can be substituted. Direct-read code for the sample lock was 1234, No code numbers are printed on the housing.

Spacing for 1662 blanks is: 195-323-451-579.

Depths are: 1)268, 2)248, 3)228, 4)209, 5)189, 6)169.

No key codes have been found with a 6 depth but it is included if required.