Corporate Profile: Codelocks

July 2, 2018


Codelocks is an innovative designer and manufacturer of locks, from robust and stylish mechanical locks to cutting edge electronic and smart locks that utilize the latest technologies. The locks can be used for a variety of applications, including doors, cabinets, lockers and enclosures. Access control is made easy with our locks, whether that involves limiting building and room access to selected staff members, or safeguarding confidential or hazardous materials.

Convenience is at the heart of all of Codelocks’ products, which are designed to be user-friendly and give users complete control over who is entering and exiting. The locks are cost-effective, easy to fit/retrofit, simple to program, and do not require complex wiring or external power.

The Codelocks brand is synonymous with quality, and in 2015 the company won an international ‘Red Dot’ design award for product quality. The locks are designed in the UK with ease of use in mind, combining functionality with style. Codelocks operates a production facility in China and has complete control over the entire manufacturing process. The facility is accredited with the ISO9001:200 quality standard. Having control of the production process gives Codelocks the confidence to offer product guarantees, including a limited lifetime guarantee for every mechanical lock.

Codelocks offers an extensive range of products that service a wide variety of applications. The Mechanical, Electronic, Smart and KitLock ranges each have their own style of product that come with unique benefits. Whether users are looking for simple, entry level access control, heavy duty locks, cabinet locks or smart locks with NetCode generation technologies – Codelocks has something for everyone.

Constantly utilizing and developing the latest technologies, meant that in 2016 Codelocks launched its smart range with the new CL5500 Smart Lock, later followed by the CL4500 in 2017. Both locks were cleverly designed to allow easy retrofitting to their electronic counterpart’s door prep, making them an ideal upgrade choice. The smart locks can be programmed and managed via a smartphone app, the same app that features NetCodes; time/date-sensitive access codes that can be securely generated and sent to recipients via email or SMS. Although they’re advanced, the locks are battery powered and hold on to some traditional features, meaning they’re simple for anyone to install, operate and manage.

KitLock, a brand of Codelocks, is a convenient and stylish alternative to traditional key-operated locker locks. The range offers cabinet and locker locks that can be accessed using an individual keypad code, time-sensitive NetCode or smart card - eliminating the inconvenience of coins, keys and wristbands. Whether purchasing for use in a gym, leisure centre, school, hospital or office, KitLock has a lock for every application.

Codelocks has a dedicated technical team offering expert knowledge, advice and support in response to any questions or queries pre- or post-sales. From one-off orders to large contracts, the high level of customer service remains the same.

Products are available for sale and delivery worldwide. They can be purchased directly from Codelocks ( and from a wide network of respected retailers and distributors.

To find out more visit, or for enquiries contact us via:
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