Corporate Profile: KeyInCode

July 2, 2018
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Keyincode has truly stepped up to the demands of flexibility and competitive pricing in electronic access control with a mindset “One size does not fit all approach.” By offering three models of electronic smart-lock bodies with three electronic methods of entry and three systems to manage locks and users at three different price points, with the same electronic capabilities across all models we indeed provide a unique value proposition.

What this means is the end-user can apply the right lock based on anticipated use at each door. The result is an economic and operational benefit. Each model can be managed in as efficient an operation as required. Whether locally with Ble SmartLocks (blue tooth) via APP or Ble SmartLocks with APP and Gateway enabling remote access managing various functions or via a cloud based WiFi system allowing management of thousands of users, doors and devices and functions without the need of a dedicated PC or Server end-users can have scalable and manageable electronic access control in new construction or aftermarket installations.

Due to the nature of Electronic Access Control use, Keyincode also manufactures a full line of heavy use panic and exit hardware that is compatible with our electronic access control SmartLock hardware and management systems.

President Joey Dalessio believe one of the keys to success is commitment to develop a knowledgeable dealer/installer base. Keyincode is rapidly building a base of dealers/installers throughout the USA and Canada by providing on-line training and certification along with fulfillment support in the most efficient way possible.

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