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June 4, 2018

Ten Years Ago

Jerry Levine introduced a new line of touchless wall switches by Norton Door Controls. Marks USA described their i-Qwik access control system 'right out of the box.' Gale Johnson reported on a new CL2 electronic cabinet lock by RCI which uses ibutton fobs as keys. Medeco described their new x4 Keymark lock cylinder which has over 65,000 possible unique key changes while using one keyway. Jerry Levine examined the compact Trine Axion 3000 series electric strike. Gale Johnson outlined the 100-year history of Von Duprin exit devices. A 1903 Chicago fire where 600 people perished because of locked doors prompted a hardware salesman to invent the first Von Duprin device. Rod Oden offered an idea for assessing the integrity of any existing master key system. Jerry Levine also reported on available products made by Securitron Maglock Corp. Tom Gillespie suggested specializing in one locksmith sector such as safes, vehicles or access control. Gale Johnson explained the operation of Peaks Preferred by Kaba. Master Lock introduced a recodeable deadbolt lock. Key combinations can be changed without disassembly. Writer Chris Clark described changes occurring in the locksmith business. Dortronics products were featured in an access control article. Tim O'Leary featured RCI products in an article explaining a delayed egress system. An McCrady, Medeco Security Locks, offered suggestions on succeeding in business during a down economy. Arnie Goldman, President of IDN Hardware, offered his own assessment of the business climate. Steve Kaufman suggested ways to communicate better with your customers. Aable Ford ignition lock servicing tools were discussed.

Twenty Years Ago

Jerry Levine described new products by A-1 Security, Yale, Locknetics, Jet Hardware, Kwikset, Marray, Bilock and Auto Security Products. Jerry Levine also showed the steps involved to install a Falcon B series lever lock. How-To Installation steps were shown for a Weiser Powerbolt 3000 electronic deadbolt. Hubert Curry installed a Blockade lock by Barricade. An unfounded rumor by Jerry Levine was that automakers would be slowing the introduction of transponder security. Tom Thill showed how to service 1997 Pontiac Bonneville locks. Where is he now? Brian Barnes, Pro-Lok, offered opening instructions for Audi A6 and A8 vehicles. T.C. Mickley studied the Intellikey security system. Frank Markisello, Aable, showed how to use his automotive tools to service GM in-dash ignition locks. Jerry Levine installed a garage door opening tool by Lockmasters. Hubert Curry reviewed the car opening manual written by Steve Young. The first issue of PAC, the Professional Auto Club News was included in the June, 1998 Locksmith Ledger issue. John Grist explains his move from mechanical to electronic locksmithing as he installs an automatic gate closing system. Gary Williams, Glynn Johnson, explained the installation steps required for a GJ 904S door stop. Wynn Kessler suggested ways to make advertising work for you. Milt Wolferseder serviced a U.S. Security model 7100 safe cabinet.

SHDA Meets In Texas

A group of hardware distributors formed an association 48 years ago. Now known as the Security Hardware Distributors Association (SHDA), their stated mission is to provide a community where security hardware distributors and manufacturers can exchange ideas and knowledge and build mutually beneficial relationships. Meeting locations revolve to different sites each year.

SHDA calls their convention an advancement summit. All popular distributors and manufacturers are represented at the SHDA conference. On opening day the entire group assembles in one large room and sign ups begin for mini-meetings during the next three days. The photo shows opening day during the signup period. Every important distributor and manufacturer is located somewhere in that photo.

SHDA also allows Locksmith Ledger representatives to attend and sign up for individual meetings with manufacturers. This year we visited over 40 manufacturers discovering new and interesting products at every meeting. Our July Locksmith Ledger issue will feature new products which were discussed by manufacturers at those mini meetings. Thanks to SHDA, new products featured first in Locksmith Ledger will soon be appearing at your local SHDA locksmith distributor.