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March 2, 2018

Twenty Years Ago

Hubert Curry described the new multi-function tubular locks by Fort Lock. Jerry Levine reported on some unusual new tools for locksmiths. Hubert Curry suggested stocking Problem Solver cylinder accessory kits, safe door hinge shim kits and hard-to-find hardware screw kits from Major Manufacturing. Fred Kosloske, Strattec Security, introduced readers to the 1998 Chrysler 8-cut lock system. Gale Johnson tested new ASSA lock products including oversize Mogul lock cylinders for Airteq and Southern Steel prison locks. Locksmith Tom Thill serviced locksets on a Mercury Sable. Very helpful charts were included to assist in key fitting without damage to the vehicle locks. Jerry Levine obtained a cylindrical entrance lock by Ronko International and discovered ways to both service and change combinations. Ronko locks use a standard KW1 keyway. Writer Pat Olmstead visited Cape Canaveral and reported on the sturdy Von Duprin hardware protecting the integrity of the clean room against contamination and intrusion. Locksmith Edward Hite explained the steps required to install surface-mounted electromagnetic locks regardless of the door construction materials. Tom Walls, Dorma Group, offered suggestions on how to install exit hardware. Writer Richard Dickey tested the 2500 Auto Entry Set by High Tech Tools. Safe expert Milt Wolferseder provided some inside thoughts on servicing Gary Safes.

Ten Years Ago

Jerry Levine suggested electrifying aluminum doors with and an Adams Rite 4200 series latch lock and Paddle handle. A simple solution with no additional modifications to door or frame required. Writer Rod Oden explains the variety of available product possibilities when a customer requests the installation of a "buzzed in" system. Jerry Levine visited Command Access Technologies to learn about their line of electrified lock products. Locksmith Ledger printed an interesting list of known Standalone Access Control products. That list has grown by leaps and bounds in the last ten years. Gale Johnson installed a Paclock hasp and hockey puck system on the rear door of a van. Greg Waugh of Paclock continued with an article concerning the profit is selling truck lock security products. Tim O’Leary outlined the features of Kaba E-Plex 3000 access control systems. Gale Johnson reported on the interesting features of effeff electric strikes. Where are they now? Arrow Lock introduced a new website where locksmiths could create their own E-commerce marketing materials. Jerry Levine interviewed TownSteel representatives to learn about their Rejuvenator hardware products. Buzz Baylis provided the latest news on encrypted technology advances in automotive security. Where is he now? Steve Young offered his Part 2 article on servicing Ford Mustang locks.

Snap-on Key Blank Answers

Y001-Y500 is a popular code series which is used for Snap-on tool box locks. CompX offers a D8777 double-sided keyblank for this series. Ilco recommends their 1527 keyblank as an equivalent.

Original depths used by CompX are 1) 290, 2) 265, 3) 240, 4) 215.

All codes used for the "Y" series only include depths of 2, 3 or 4. Uncut width of a D8777 blank is .290. Uncut width of an Ilco 1527 key blank is .252. Double-sided keys are supported by corresponding grooves in the lock plug. When an Ilco 1527 blank is inserted into a Snap-on lock it is centered by the plug grooves and will operate depths of 2, 3 or 4. When duplicating keys from D8777 to 1527 blanks a key machine must have jaws which can hold both keys by their center grooves. Code machines do not have four-way jaws.

Depths of cut depend on starting with a full-width key blank. Use of original D8777 key blank is recommended when originating a "Y" series code.