Toolbox Replacement Key Codes

Feb. 2, 2018
Determining the correct key blank can be challenging since toolbox lock manufacturers don’t always offer exact key blank replacements

Yearly vehicle introductions indicate the disappearance of additional mechanical locks as keyless entry and pushbutton start becomes the norm.   Manufacturers of residential and commercial door locks are also concentrating on keyless products.  While some sectors of our business are definitely changing, keys are still an important part of locksmith business.

This article concentrates on toolbox locks but there are many other categories of locks which use mechanical keys.  Categories include alarm boxes, electric switches, machinery keys, office furniture, RV locks, roof racks and truck caps.

Many OEM manufacturers are currently using imported locks. One problem for locksmiths is in trying to determine the correct key blank.  Due to low volume, key blank manufacturers do not always offer exact key blanks replacements.

During the next few months Locksmith Ledger will publish lists of key codes in each category and include key blank numbers which we have found to operate even though the blanks listed may have been designed for locks made by a different manufacturer. 

Some key blanks have been found to fit several different applications. This often means that one key blank will require different depth and spaces depending on the lock it is operating. Many of these depth and spaces have not previously been published.  In order to assist locksmiths in originating toolbox keys, cards for the HPC 1200 code machine will be available for downloading from our Locksmith Ledger website.

Local locksmiths should be the first place the public turns to for duplicate keys or keys by code.  Companies  advertising on the internet are offering keys by code of all descriptions. Locksmith Ledger will do everything possible to provide locksmiths with code information so locksmiths can again offer accurate, fast and economical service to their customers.    

Locksmith Ledger has collected key cuts for the majority of toolbox code series shown on the following list. In most cases code numbers are printed on the lock.  Toolboxes are sold under a variety of trade names. We have listed known trade names whenever possible.  Contact Locksmith Ledger at 800 547 7377 extension 2703 or E-mail [email protected] to request code cut information.