Where Do We Fit In?

Feb. 2, 2018

An E-mail was received at our office a few weeks ago. The sender offered to write articles for Locksmith Ledger. The E-mail was immediately of interest since people who are knowledgeable regarding the security field and who can write articles about their experiences are valuable yet scarce commodities. If any Locksmith Ledger reader has writing aspirations, kindly contact me ASAP. As Uncle Sam once said, "We Want You!"

Before answering this interesting E-mail I Googled the phone number which had been provided by the sender. The phone number was for a locksmith business located in a large metropolitan area which has a population base of over 600,000 people. The locksmith business used the same name as the city and offered lockout services 24/7. It appeared that this volunteer writer may not have had much experience.

My return E-mail stated that the locksmith business is undergoing many changes and Locksmith Ledger currently features articles which show what those changes are and how locksmiths can succeed in this new environment. I asked if the writer had expertise in the installation of electronic access control products or in servicing automotive security systems and if he could write about his experiences. A return E-mail from the writer thanked me for contacting him and also stated that he was not able to write articles on the topics mentioned.

Does this story describe the type of jobs which the majority of locksmiths are still depending on or have you changed your job description with the times?

Our office receives announcements every day concerning new and exciting security products. Nine out of ten announcements are for electronic products. The biggest question is not if you should move into electronics but rather choosing an electronic product line which will still be available six months from now. There seem to be no 'new' products these days; every company is emulating what other companies already produce.

My latest newsletter suggested that big box stores should be using locksmiths to manage their key departments. The point was that traditional locksmith jobs are not in great demand compared to a generation ago and big box stores could help fill the void. There will be no void if locksmiths add knowledge of electronics to their existing list of traditional locksmith services.