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Feb. 2, 2018

Twenty Years Ago

Bob Easter, a locksmith in Maryland, described his problems with an access control product. Tim O'Leary explained Locknetics CM series installation procedures. Jerry Levine installed a Shear Self-Aligning Maglock by Securitron. Hubert Curry reviewed a KPL2000 digital safe lock by AMSEC. Technician Tm Thill introduced a quick system for fitting ignition keys to an Eagle Premier. Safe lock specialist Dan Kern provided secrets for opening a Meilink vault door. Jerry Levine reported on the Dor-Cor drill fixture by Marray Enterprises. Scot Hooper, Hurd Lock, showed the features of their new 8-cut Ford ignition lock products. Donald Lagasse advised locksmith owners in ways to evaluate employees, information which is just as timely today. Edward Hite explained ways to choose the correct electronic lock hardware for a job. Jerry Levine offered Part I of a series with suggestions on what to know before buying a computer. Dave Hency described his experiences with cylinder plug spinner tools. Jerome Andrews, Kaba, suggested ways to keep High Security key systems secure. Milt Wolferseder provided ideas on solving lockouts on Sentry safes. Ken Dunkel offered his 'parlor trick' for opening various Asian safes. T.C. Mickley reported on the list of stock locks available from National Cabinet Lock (CompX). Charles Curry suggested an organized system for customers who want to rotate locks in their buildings instead of physically changing combinations.

Ten Years Ago

Jerry Levine reported on the Sargent Signature High Security lock system. Schlage Primus patents expired in 2007 and Locksmith Ledger reported on a new Primus XP patent to extend the Primus life cycle. Patented key control via the Marks USA Hi-Security key system was explained. Tom Demont introduced the Assa CLIQ access control system. Rich Hagala, Securitron Magnalock, offered suggestions on when to use magnetic lock systems. Ray Zehring, Marray Inc., provided a background on the many used for electrified hardware. Tom Gillespie offered many reasons for locksmiths to move into the world of electronic access control. Timothy O'Leary described uses for door cords and power transfer hinges. Locksmith Ledger showed the procedures for installing a Securitron GL1 gate lock system. Gale Johnson reported on the technical design of a Kwikset SmartKey cylinder. Tony Fiorini showed how to change the combination of Asian import safes often called 'microwave' safes. Tim O'Leary introduced readers to the wireless side of access control. Steve Young presented Part I of a guide to servicing Forde Mustang locks. Locksmith Simon Blatz detailed 10 steps for opening a Subaru Forester.

New Aaron M. Fish Lock Museum

If you are visiting Montreal in the future, be sure to take time to visit the Aaron M. Fish Lock Museum and Educational Centre. For anyone new to the locksmith industry Mr. Fish began business as a teenager working for his uncle and delivering key blanks to local stores in Montreal. From this humble beginning Mr. Fish eventually developed the Ilco Unican Company and owned key-related companies across the globe.

Aaron Fish has now opened a lock museum which holds some of his prized possessions many of which are works of art. Locks of all ages are on display spanning time periods from 60 A.D. to the present time. Replicas of old Roman wooden locks designed hundreds of years B.C are also displayed. The goal of the museum is to show the evolution of locks from wooden materials to the electronic lock types of today.

Lock related items such as antique key duplicating machines, chess sets with key-shaped figures and sculptures formed using keys as the material are all on display. Many first edition books with a key theme are in the museum collection including the interesting autobiography by Aaron Fish called "Under Lock & Key." A principal goal of the Aaron M. Fish Museum is to become an educational centre and interest new generations in the security industry as a career. For further information contact: [email protected]