Best of 2017

Dec. 4, 2017
Locksmith Ledger takes a look and new trends and new products from three market sectors: electronic access control, key machines and automotive tools

Innovation in the security industry is driven by two related forces: technological innovation and customer demand for those high-tech devices. In our Best of 2017 section, Locksmith Ledger takes a look at some of the trends and resulting product innovations.

First, we looked at electronic access control. Full-featured standalone locks, bringing many capabilities previously only possible with hard-wired systems, topped our list. Today’s locksmiths want locks that are easy to install, scalable, accommodate multiple authentication measures, and are highly robust and reliable. Customers want a choice of credentials – including smartphone – and energy efficiency.

Some of the products that fill this need include the Kaba E-Plex 7900 RFID, Trilogy® Networx™, Schlage NDE with Engage, Yale NexTouch, Westinghouse RTS-Z.

Second, we looked at traditional locksmithing and found most of the innovations in the electronic key machine sector. As locking systems are redesigned to be more secure, key shapes, sizes and cutting requirements have also changed. As a result, new electronic key machines have been introduced for duplication and origination. Electronics and software can be combined to accomplish procedures never thought possible before. A single machine can decode and cut edge-cut, laser cut, tubular and dimple keys and includes the option for engraving.

These high-tech key machines include: Ninja Total from Keyline USA, Futura by Kaba Ilco, TigerShark2 from HPC, 3D Elite from Laser Key Products and the FRA2001 from Framon Manufacturing.

Our third Best of 2017 topic is Automotive Locksmithing. Locksmith Ledger takes a look at some of the best new automotive tools introduced this year. The right transponder programming and cloning tools can pay for themselves in short order, enabling the commercial locksmith to compete against car dealers. For example, the Keyline USA GKM Cloning System enables Locksmith Ledger contributor Steve Young to make duplicate keys for late model Audi, Porsche and VW vehicles and turn a profit. He is also a fan of the new TrueCode Smart system and is looking forward to receiving his new Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro.

Stay tuned for a preview of Products to Watch in 2018 in our January issue.