Back Page, December 2017

Dec. 4, 2017

Twenty Years Ago

Hubert Curry reported on new ways to unlock vehicles with new tools from High Tech. Mr. Curry also tested the PortAlign tool used for accurately drilling straight holes. Writer Wynn Kessler offered numerous ideas for building your business. Tom Gillespie described how Pro-Lok tools can be used to EASILY unlock high-end vehicles like BMW and Mercedes. Locksmith John Grist explained the evolution of Mas-Hamilton electronic safe locks. Writer Ed Hite explained the requirements for entering the new electronic lock era. Jerry Levine showed how to use an A1 Simplex installation jig for an installation. Donald Lagasse lamented the emergence of locksmith sting operations by the news media as more sensationalism than assistance to the public. Jerry Levine visited the new Clark Security warehouse in San Diego, CA. Ed Hite contributed answers to common building code questions. Milt Wolferseder opened a Gary "Defiant" TRTL-30 safe cabinet. Mark Bates, MBA, offered ideas on lighting products for locksmiths. Fred Wessells suggested installing telephone entry systems as a new vertical market.

Ten Years Ago

Tim O'Leary provided a primer on card readers. Gale Johnson tested the Kaba-Ilco Tri-Code key machine. Tom Gillespie visited several Midwest locksmith shops and showed how their showroom layouts helped to boost profits. Gale Johnson showed the procedures necessary for adjusting an HPC 1200 key machine. A cross reference listing was published showing comparisons between Axxess, Ilco and Jet key blank numbers. Jerry Levine tested some Rytan key adapters which helped to better secure key blanks in machine vise jaws. Jerry Levine also showed installation techniques for a Detex EAX-3500 exit alarm. Hubert Curry showed techniques for mounting a CCTV camera. Part 2 of a series showed how a locksmith outfitted his new van. Tim O'Leary offered troubleshooting tips to solve power supply problems. Steve Kaufman interviewed officials at Perma-Vault Safe Company. Medeco introduced Medeco Logic, bridging the gap between mechanical and electronic access control. Average prices were listed for 2007. Average hourly rate was $60. Arnie Goldman, IDN Hardware, described the world of merger madness. Still good reading.

Old Handcuffs

We received a request from a subscriber concerning information on antique handcuffs. Over the years Locksmith Ledger has published a few articles regarding handcuffs.  A July, 1992 article was titled, "Off the Cuff, Handcuff Basics."  A May, 1981 article featured "Handcuff and Leg Iron Repair."  Old Taylor key blank catalogs listed several different handcuff key blanks but the current Kaba Ilco catalog only lists one 6750 key.  Locksmiths may want to think twice before offering a key fitting service for old handcuffs. Legal liabilities might be incurred if they malfunction later at the wrong time.