News Briefs, August 2017

Aug. 2, 2017

New SAVI K-12 & Higher Ed Website

NAPCO Security Technologies and its divisions, Alarm Lock, Marks USA & Continental Access, have launched the newly redesigned SAVI School website at, as part of the Company’s ongoing K-12 and Campus Security initiative.  The revitalized website has a brand new look, easier navigation, and features new products such as NAPCO’s StarLink Fire Cellular/IP Alarm Communicators & advanced intrusion and commercial fire alarms, Alarm Locks standalone Trilogy® or Trilogy Networx® access locks, Marks USA cylindrical & mortise locking solutions and the all new CA4K® Enterprise Security & Access Management Platform from Continental Access.

As a long-time trusted source in some of the largest school districts and leading educational institutions across the country, Napco Security Technologies, Marks USA, Alarm Lock, and Continental Access have developed a wide range of security technology solutions to fit any classroom, campus & budget. LocDown™ security solutions offer an integrated range of products that address the budget levels of any educational institution, with a range of low-cost mechanical locking protection for tight budgets, mid-range electro-mechanical locking solutions and advanced wireless networked electronic locks with global remote control features on the higher end. Napco makes the reliable, scalable security you want in place.

As an educational resource on school security expertise and combating campus vulnerability, Napco created SAVI™, the Security Access-Control Vulnerability Index™, an objective evaluation tool in an easy electronic checklist form, that can help evaluate and grade a campus’ current security in minutes, and more importantly point to specific areas for improvement, in an instructional, brand-agnostic, electronic format. In presentations nationwide, Napco has met with great interest and thanks from all walks of school-stakeholders, from administrators and faculty, to facility managers and security directors, and from local PTAs to campus safety pros. SAVI is downloadable from the site

For more on Napco , Alarm Lock , Continental Access and Marks USA school solutions and SAVI™, visit, contact 800-645-9445, or reach out to Napco’s VP School & Campus Safety, Byron Thurmond, former head of school security for HISD Houston Independent Schools, directly at [email protected]. Also See Napco and Byron at Campus Safety Conferences this summer in TX, PA and CA, June, July and August.

Farpointe Long Range Reader Solution

Farpointe enabled Secure Our City, Inc., an electronic security technology and low voltage design firm based in Ashland, Mass., to solve the problems that a parking garage used by a leading healthcare organization was having with standard 125-kHz proximity readers and credentials. By creating a new security system featuring cameras, access control and the Farpointe Ranger® long range reading system, Secure Our City was able to make possible higher security access, such as double-tapping at the entrance, and provide the increased control the parking garage needed.

"We were dealing with high end customers in a challenging neighborhood and a standard proximity system was not doing the job needed," reports Secure Our City Managing Partner and Founder Geva Barash. "The first thing we did was add cameras, including an analytical camera, to check for piggy-backing. Today, if a vehicle attempts to follow another or a person tries to follow the car in to the garage, a flashing light goes off, warning the driver that they are being followed while acting as a deterrent to the offender.

"There were several other things we especially liked about the Ranger solution for this application and its customers, the people that would use it each day," says Barash.

Versus proximity/smart card readers, the 433 MHz receivers use button transmitters to open gates from ranges up to 200 feet (61 m). Each button outputs transmitter data over separate Wiegand outputs, yet the receiver installs just like a proximity reader for easy integration with popular card access control systems. As a result, the Ranger receivers were a handier solution. Plus, instead of using an active card, which could potentially activate the gate from different directions, the transmitter user selects exactly when the mechanism is to be immediately triggered.

"This meant that the users could drive into the garage on a year-round basis without having to open their windows, a definite benefit in Boston's rainy springs, warm summers and cold winters," emphasizes Barash. "To avoid the weather, an employee simply presses a button on the Ranger transmitter kept in their car to raise the barrier bar and drive into the garage."

The Ranger system also provides implementation flexibility. It is compatible with Farpointe Pyramid proximity and Delta smart card systems, while supporting standard 26-bit Wiegand as well as custom Wiegand formats plus certain HID® and AWID® 125-kHz proximity protocols. Transmitter coding is sequential, exactly as ordered, with no over or under runs.

To enhance security, the Ranger transmitter-to-receiver long-range, over-the-air protocol takes advantage of a secure, digital anti-playback routine based on a custom enhanced rolling code variant of the Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA). The anti-playback feature virtually eliminates the risk of code sniffing and unauthorized cloning. Lastly, Ranger supports MAXSecure,  a higher-security handshake, or code, between the transmitter and receiver to help safeguard against credential duplication and ensure that a specific end-user’s receiver will only collect data from these specially coded transmitters.

"The parking garage operator likes the entire system, especially how we incorporated long rang reading into it," summarizes Barash. "It is keeping the wrong people out and easily letting the right people in. It was very uncomplicated to implement and provided terrific flexibility in programming. For instance, once in, you can't open it again. That stopped the facility's former problems with drive-backs. Perhaps, most importantly, the actual users have had no problems. We haven't had one callback on the system."

Assa Abloy Hospitality Upgrades Guestroom Security

ASSA ABLOY Hospitality completed a successful upgrade and implementation of its VingCard Classic RFID door locks at the Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel, a sophisticated hotel accommodation situated inside the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays. By upgrading its previous ASSA ABLOY Hospitality-based room access platform to include VingCard Classic RFID door locks along with the Visionline locking solution, the property ensures against the latest security threats while offering state of the art convenience.

With the implementation of VingCard Classic RFID, the Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel gains a contactless solution that provides the latest in anti-cloning technology. Via the use of encrypted data, Classic RFID-based keycards are immune to unauthorized reproduction and can therefore provide a vital extra layer of security that is not available with magstripe technology. Classic RFID's installation along with Visionline provides guests with unmatched peace of mind by allowing hotel staff to cancel lost or stolen keycards remotely. With Visionline, staff members can also oversee all access attempts across the property in real time, offering them the ability to instantly minimize the effects of a suspected security breach or even prevent one altogether.

"Having previously provided guestroom entry solutions for the Renaissance Toronto, we are proud to once again play a part in ensuring that the property maintains only the highest level of security standards," saidMarkus Boberg, Vice President Business Development at ASSA ABLOY Hospitality. "With the hotel experiencing high guest volume due to its urban downtown location, we welcome the opportunity to enhance guest convenience with solutions that streamline operations and offer the ability for greater personalization."

By using an online-based security access platform, guests can be re-assigned to a different guestroom or have their stay extended without ever having to visit the front desk. Properties equipped with Visionline can also provide guests with the ability to use the same keycard for different areas of the hotel, enhancing the guest experience, while reducing costs. With RFID technology, hoteliers also gain the opportunity to provide guests with an array of key format options, such as wristbands, keychain fobs or stickers in order to better cater to individualized needs.

Camden Updates Restroom & Emergency Call System Line

Camden Door Controls, a premier provider of door activation and locking devices, introduces several new additions to its next generation of restroom control and emergency call systems.

The emergency call system kits include a push/pull mushroom ‘PRESS FOR ASSISTANCE’ switch, or the option to use a momentary switch, such as a tape/ribbon switch, with CX-LRS latching relay. Audible and visual annunciation of the request for assistance is provided inside the restroom by a flush mount single gang LED annunciator with adjustable sounder, and outside the restroom by a single gang LED dome light with adjustable sounder. If activation and annunciation in one product is desired, a double gang mushroom button and LED annunciator combo unit is offered. All equipment packages include an ‘IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY’ instructional sign, with 1” (25mm) lettering, as required by code. CX-WEC Series emergency call systems are available in English, French and Bilingual.

CX-LRS series latching relays enable the use of momentary ‘request for assistance’ switches, giving customers the option for either push button or key switch system reset. In addition to individual 12 and 24 V latching relays, Camden also offers latching relay system kits - the CX-WEC11 and CX-WEC12.

Camden's latest CM-AF540SO 'Press for Emergency Assistance' and illuminated annunciator, designed for industrial and commercial applications where illuminated signage and an audible indicator is required, gives you volume control to adjust sounder output. The illuminated annunciator with sounder is perfect for areas such as restrooms or hospital rooms that require a visual and audible indicator for emergency assistance.

It can be surface or flush mounted, and the double gang model makes for a quick and easy installation. It's designed to be controlled by electric locks, electro-magnetic locks, electric strikes, automatic doors, and low energy operators. Bilingual versions are available, as are custom messages (text, graphics and colors).

CM-AF540SO push button and annunciators are available in an emergency call system kit. The CX-WECK2 emergency call system kit includes the double gang push button/annunciator, LED dome light and instructional sign.

Camden has also released new Aura™ CM-54i (square surface mount) and CM-55i (Square flush mount) push plate switch enclosures, with selectable Red/Green/Blue illumination. Aura™ illuminated enclosures provide field selection of 'idle' color ('on' during the normal state) and 'active' color ('on' when the switch is pressed or relay is activated), an audible sounder and Form ‘C’ contact.

The Aura™ illuminated mounting boxes are compatible with the complete line of Camden 4 1/2” square and round All-Active™ push plate switches. Switch options include a wide selection of stock and custom graphic designs, and nine architectural finishes, including polished brass and bronze. Aura™ illuminated enclosures are 12/24V, AC/DC.

The Aura™ illuminated push plate switch enclosures are also available in Camden’s range of next generation barrier-free restroom control kits – the only systems on the market that combine both ADA compliant door activation and system annunciation in the same device. Integrated Occupied When Red’ and ‘Locked When Red’ instructional signage is also provided.

Camden's new CX-WC16 touchless switch restroom control system reduces the spread of germs and combines activation and annunciation in one device. The CX-WC16 system provides a complete equipment package with compliance with the latest building code requirements. The CX-WC16 system includes a CX-33 advanced door control relay (the only controller on the market to offer factory default programming for restroom control applications), ‘WAVE TO LOCK’ activation switch, (2) ‘WAVE TO OPEN’ activation switches and door contact. The touchless switches feature an LED light ring and sign for annunciation of both ‘occupied’ and ‘lock’ status.

"Camden is dedicated to offering an industry-leading range of products designed specifically for the control of automatic doors in restroom applications," notes David Price, Marketing Manager, Camden Door Controls. "Our newest introductions in restroom control and emergency call solutions feature a number of innovative and exclusive products that are not available elsewhere."

The new CM-AF141SO. The 'Assistance Required' LED Dome light has a loud 93 dB Piezo sounder with adjustable volume control. Its LED illumination provides higher visibility and longer life compared with incandescent, and CM-AF141SO is also vandal and weather resistant. The 'Assistance Required' text on the lens comes with the option of English language, French and bilingual.

"The CM-AF141SO is just part of Camden's latest range of products designed to meet the latest requirements of the Ontario Building Code and provide superior performance in all applications," adds Price

While these emergency call systems and components are specifically designed to meet the latest requirements of Ontario regulation 368/13 amendment to the 2012 Ontario Building Code, they are designed to provide emergency call assistance in any universal restroom, with or without low energy door operators.

NAPCO Security Technologies has appointed Glenn Kocek as new Midwest Regional Sales Manager, reporting to Napco SRVP, Northern Region, Dave Sheffey.

Kocek joins Napco’s sales team, with many years of security experience, in all facets of the industry, including roles with LRG and Tyco/ADT, as well as founding his own alarm and IT companies early on.  Dave Sheffey said, “With Glenn’s background in security, video and particularly remote monitoring management, and fire prevention technologies, he’s joining Napco at a great time, with our recent introductions of multi-award-winning StarLink Connect® Cell/IP Connected Home Hub with bus-based support of Honeywell®, ADT®, DSC® and Napco panels; and StarLink Fire Dual Path Universal Commercial Fire Communicators and more. We’re happy to have him aboard.”

As Napco Midwest Regional Sales Manager, Kocek, based in Illinois, will be providing sales support, new product introductions and applications solution assistance on Napco’s Communications, Intrusion & Commercial Fire Security Systems and Connected Home Solutions, throughout t IL, MN, ND, SD, NE, KS, IA, WI, MO.  Contact Glenn at [email protected],  631-495-4569  or Dave Sheffey, SRVP of Sales, [email protected].