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July 3, 2017

Twenty Years Ago

Jerry Levine described outer trim available for Adams Rite exit devices. Schlage Vandalgard lever locks was the subject of an article. Gale Johnson reviewed drilling the variety of drilling jigs from A-1 Security. Jerry Levine reported on the various Stratpack service kits by Strattec. Locksmith Donald Lagasse wrote an opinion essay on locksmiths who carry guns for protection. Hubert Curry suggested door and frame installations as a profit center for locksmiths. James Gleason, M.A.G. Security, provided a history of his company. Locksmith John Grist installed an Ilco 505 electronic safe lock. Tom Gillespie, Pro-Lok, explained the basics of lock picking. Safe expert Milt Wolferseder serviced a Diplomat Fire Safe. Writer John Long described how LAB, Lori Lock, Arrow Lock, Assa and American Security Distribution had collaborated to assist in restoring a historic Warner Theatre building. Tom Gillespie provided opening techniques for a Pontiac Grand Prix. Jerry Levine showed disassembly procedures for Ford 8-cut ignition locks. Louis George, AHC, wrote the first installment on setting up a master key system. Locksmith Garth Meredith explored the rotating constant master key system. Peter Muldavin, Securitech, described how to protect against back door break-ins. Jerry Finch showed how to decode an existing master key system. Jerry Levine studied the Locknetics 9000 electric strike. Hubert Curry described Kenstan showcase locks. Ed Hite showed methods for retrofitting electric strikes.

Ten Years Ago

Locksmith Rod Oden reported on CyberLocks by Videx. Writer Tim O'Leary showed the value series by Detex. Gale Johnson introduced the Ultra Combo kit by Pro-Lok. Tim O'Leary installed a Dorma ED899 low energy door operator. Jerry Levine replaced a residential interior door. Jerry Levine described the range of padlock products from Pacific Lock. Gale Johnson reviewed the Sav Lock padlock retainer system from Hodge Products. Steve Young provided methods for quickly unlocking vehicles in an emergency. Billy Edwards, Master Lock, revealed the new anti-bump technology from Master Lock. Gale Johnson looked at the new Bianchi key cloning system. Arnie Goldman, SHDA, outlined sales advantages which locksmiths have. Tim O'Leary described how to choose the right video equipment. Greg Chambers, Advanced Diagnostics, explained their various available transponder key programming tools. Locksmith licensing was the topic of an article. Locksmith Ledger described things to do while at ALOA 2007 was in Charlotte, N.C. Tony Fiorini detailed how to use digital photography for locksmiths.

New Cole Hersee Key System

A new Cole Hersee group of electric switches have been introduced with a designation of 95060.  These switches use a double-sided, six wafer key system. The Ilco blank number is 1679.

Code numbers for this new lock system are apparently 701-799.  A sample lock had a code of 782 stamped on the plug face and key cuts of 113221.

Until the code series is collected, the plug can be easily removed for key fitting by inserting a lock pick to the end of the keyway and depressing the retainer for plug removal. Keep the pick in the keyway at all times during plug removal since the tumblers are not retained in the plug. 

Spacing is: 213 / 311 / 409 / 508 / 606 / 705.  Depths are: 1) 291  2) 264  3) 236