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April 3, 2017

Twenty Years Ago

Arnie Goldman, IDN-Hardware Sales, wrote an article outlining how Medeco was bypassing distributors and selling direct to locksmith dealers.  Leslie Bonk, Brown & Martin, described the history of Master Lock Company.  Joy Bitter, American Lock Company, focused on their latest line of padlock products.  Tom Gillespie, Pro-Lok, introduced a line of Pro-Lok Padlock Drill Jigs designed for forced openings.  Locksmith Dave Davis showed how he diagnosed and solved safe lockout problems on a Hermann vault door.  Richard Formica explained how he prepared to fit keys to a 1996 Ford Windstar which used two different lock systems during that year.   Locksmith Ledger interviewed industry people who made a difference during 1996 including Adam Weinraub, Aaron Fish, Clayton Miller, Bill Deforrest, Jerry Hoffman, Mark Berger, John Kimes, Frank McCarthy, Jim Scott and Jesse Hermann. Jerry Progression charts were printed for use when fitting Contour and Mystique 10-cut keys.  Milt Wolferseder opened a Schwab media safe.  Jerry Levine described a new bar lock which used a tubular key.  A similar lock was later discovered to be openable with the open end of a ball point pen.    

Ten Years Ago

Jerry Levine described basic facts concerning  lectromagnetic locks.  Tim O’Leary suggested how to specify the correct power supply to use for the job.  Jerry Levine used the Pit Bull steel door forming die tool by Major Manufacturing to shape the edge of the door before installing a mortise deadbolt lock.  Arnie Goldman explained why (SHDA), the Security hardware Distributors Association, is important to locksmiths.   Jet Hardware furnished information on their Smart Clone tool. Rod Oden offered two  plans for determing floor master keys in an existing master key system.  Tom Gillespie suggested automotive lock work as a profitable specialty business area. Brad Smith, Arrow Lock, discussed how to successfully compete with the big box retailers.  Jerry Levine reported that Pemko had been purchased by Assa Abloy and that Weiser would soon be adding the Kwikset Smart Key feature to Weiser locksets.

Middle East Security

A former locksmith from the United States has temporarily moved to Turkey. He is living in an apartment complex and sent in pictures to Locksmith Ledger of the lock system used in his building.

First, notice the three point locking system with multiple bolts at each point. Next, notice the high security apartment key which uses unusual widened dimple cuts. Finally, notice that the door overlaps the jamb which deters unwanted noise.

This reporter has visited Finland where residential doors often have rabbeted jambs and doors which open outwards. The result is better weatherproofing, increased security against kick-in burglaries and easier egress in case of emergencies. Meanwhile the North American hardware market is dominated by single point locking systems, half inch wood screws holding strike plates and doors which open inward. Standard door construction and door hardware made in USA has no equal to this apartment door locking system found in Turkey.