2017 National Average Price Survey Results

Jan. 19, 2022

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In late 2016, Locksmith Ledger polled our subscribers to determine the average charges for specific locksmith services. The results have now been compiled and are presented here in chart format for your convenience.

We have added quite a few new categories, reflecting the growing importance of electronics to today’s locksmiths. In the new Electronic Security Labor Charge category, we calculated the average charges for installation of Electric Strikes, Exit Alarms, Electromagnetic Locks, Electrified Locks, Electrified Hinges, Keypads/Readers, Electric Power Bolts, Video Surveillance Systems and Phone Access Systems.

Because many locksmiths charge by the job rather than the hour, we also present the average charges to install the following locks and door hardware products: Cylindrical Deadbolt, Cylindrical Lever Lock, Mortise Lockset, Adams-Rite Lock, Install Door Rim Closer, Concealed Door Closer,  Rim Exit Device, Vertical Rod Exit Device and Continuous Hinge.

Please keep in mind that our price survey is only an indicator of pricing trends and is not a scientific poll. Dollar amounts listed in this survey should not be used directly as the price you should be charging for various jobs. Other factors, such as your regional cost of living, typical distance traveled for a service call, and the charges of your local competitors, should be taken into consideration before setting your individual price schedule. A few locksmiths even report charging higher fees after hours or when they must drive long distances.

The National Average Price Survey contains many of the popular services a locksmith may perform. Check each listing and determine the percentage of difference between our average and your specific charge. If the percentage of difference is approximately the same for most items, then your charges are in line with the national average. If one of your charges is extremely low as compared to the survey results, then make a study of the amount of time it takes to do that particular job. You may be losing money without knowing it. Conversely, if one of your charges is extremely high when compared to the national average, you could be losing jobs to the competition because of your pricing structure. 


Service Call/Normal Hours: 74

Service Call/After Hours: 92

Hourly Rate: 64

Auto Opening (Door): 70

Auto Opening (Trunk): 85


American Single Cut: 2.71

American Double Cut: 4.23

Foreign Single Cut: 3.92

Foreign Double Cut: 5.45

Sidewinder Auto Key: 60

Transponder Key: 87

Tibbe Automotive Key: 120

Flat Steel Key: 10

Tubular Key: 9.43

Bit Key: 16

Safe Deposit Key: 13

High Security Key: 15

Best Key: 7.66

Suitcase Key: 6

Stamp Numbers Per Line: 1


Key-In-Knob: 19

Rim / Mortise: 21

Set to Masterkey Sys.: 23

High Security Cylinder: 32

Shim Open/No Key (added cost): 7

Best Type IC Cylinder: 31

Safe Deposit Lock: 37

Tubular Lock: 34


Fit Domestic Standard Key: 83

Fit Dom. Transponder Key: 120

Fit Foreign Standard Key: 95

Fit Foreign Transponder Key: 197

Fit Sidewinder Key: 248

Fit Motorcycle Standard Key: 96

Program Transponder Key: 75

Rekey Foreign Ignition Lock: 72

Rekey Domestic Ignition Lock: 64


American Single Cut by Code: 17.50

American Double Cut by Code: 22

Foreign Single Cut by Code: 25

Foreign Double Cut by Code: 28

Sidewinder by Code: 66


Impressioning: 37

Reading: 26


Combination by Code: 15

Pin Tumbler by Code: 18


Install Electric Strike: 172

Install Exit Alarm: 136

Install Electromagnetic Lock: 285

Install Electrified Lock: 161

Install Electrified Hinge: 90

Install Keypad/Reader: 80

Install Electric PowerBolt: 65

Install Video System: 330

Install Phone Access System: 250


Hourly Locksmith Rate (Day): 72.50

Hourly Rate (Night/Weekend): 92.50

Hourly Electronic Safe Service Rate: 87


Cylindrical Deadbolt: 60

Cylindrical Lever Lock: 65

Mortise Lockset: 140

Adams Rite Lock: 172

Concealed Door Closer: 172

Rim Exit Device: 155

Vertical Rod Exit Device: 175

Continuous Hinge: 159


Open Fire Safe by Drilling: 223

Open Money Safe by Drilling: 375

Open In-Floor Safe by Drilling: 350

Open by Manipulation: 163

Hand Combination Change: 58

Key Combination Change: 55

Elec. Lock Combination Change: 47

Change Mech. To Electronic Lock: 112

Safe Moving Charge: 100

Safe Installation: 170