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Oct. 3, 2016
Don't stop with the lock; solve door problems and strengthen openings with products like flushbolts, pivots, hinges and power door operators

Repairing doors is an excellent service for the locksmith since it logically ties into the other products and services that locksmiths are usually associated with.  It would seem a natural part of the locksmith’s role to inspect and repair doors onto which he is installing or rekeying locks. This includes all kinds of doors, labeled, wood metal and aluminum.

Here is a roundup of some accessory products for those damaged storefront doors.

Adams Rite

Cylinder-Operated Flushbolt: Designed for greater key control, the Adams Rite 1870 Cylinder-Operated Flushbolt for aluminum stile doors prevents accidental locking of the inactive leaf of paired doors. It is recommended for installation at both top and bottom of inactive door with MS1850S Deadlock in active door for greatest security. It also may be installed to lock at threshold or at header.

A 360 degree turn of key throws or retracts the hex-section bolt. Key can be removed only when bolt is in a positively locked or unlocked position. Accepts any standard 1-5/32” mortise cylinder from either or both sides. Cylinder must have MS® dimensioned cam.

Reinforcing Pivots: The Adams Rite B1921 and B1923 Reinforcing Pivots provide an economical way to transfer load from hinges of sagging doors. This full-surface reinforcing pivot adds years of life to openings where the hinges or hinge reinforcements have failed. Reinforcing pivots take the load off the top hinge and transfer it to screws that are in shear so they will not pull off.

Cylinder Pulls: Designed for use with Adams Rite MS1847 Deadlocks and 5017 Wood Door Deadlock, these surface mounted pulls allow a sliding glass door to be keyed-in with other types of doors which have key-in-knob or mortise cylinder locks.

C.R. Laurence

Over a century ago, C.R. Laurence began setting standards in innovation, performance, selection, and most importantly, service in the glass and glazing industry. Over the past few decades, CRL has grown from a single Los Angeles location to include 43 Service Centers in the United States Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Denmark.

Push Pad Door Exit Devices: CRL Jackson Exit Devices are universally recognized as the standard for aluminum storefront hardware. The CRL Jackson 20 Series Exit Device is designed to withstand wear and tear, yet remain aesthetically pleasing.

The Touch Pad with “Soft-Touch” insert requires only slight pressure anywhere on the bar insert for a smooth release. Available in both a Rim and Concealed Vertical Rod versions, this device is suitable for use with 1-3/4”  (44.5 mm) narrow, medium, and wide stile aluminum, wood, or hollow metal doors. It complies with ANSI 156.3, Grade 1 Specification. For added ease of installation, the 20 Series is field sizable.

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The CRL Jackson Adjustable Spring Power Overhead Concealed Door Closer is available for A.D.A Barrier-Free applications. The Door Closer is adjustable in a range of Sizes from 1 (Barrier-Free) through 4 (Regular), allowing the spring power to be set for A.D.A. handicap barrier-free opening force requirements, as well as provide door control for a wide range of door types and sizes.

CRL’s Roton Concealed Leaf Continuous Hinges for 1-3/8" (35 mm) doors have load bearing blocks every 5-1/8" (130 mm) on the Standard Duty Hinge, and every 2-9/16" (65 mm) on the Heavy-Duty Hinge. They are available in satin anodized and dark bronze anodized finishes

Standard Duty Hinges for Doors Weighing Up to 200 Lbs. (90 kg)  and Heavy-Duty Hinges for Doors Weighing Up to 600 Lbs. (272 kg) are available.

Double Door Electromagnetic Locks are constructed with rugged aluminum housings for durability and good looks. Intended for interior use, they have no moving parts, are maintenance free, and will provide superior, long lasting performance.

dorma+kaba Group

The merger of the two businesses of DORMA and Kaba was announced at the end of April 2015, and was completed on Sept. 1, 2015. dorma+kaba Group now becomes one of the top three companies for security and access solutions, with over 16,000 employees in 50 countries. As of July 1 2016, dorma+kaba emerged in the marketplace as one brand. As brand guidelines continue being developed the DORMA portfolio of products and Kaba portfolio of products are both operating under the new dorma+kaba umbrella.

For detailed information about the merger of Dorma and Kaba, see

8600 Closers: The 8600 door closer is a non-handed surface applied door closer with adjustable spring power and backcheck positioning adjustment. This Grade 1 surface door closer provides the flexibility needed to meet the many demands of commercial and institutional applications, including ADA barrier-free accessibility requirements.

The 8600 Series is designed for commercial applications, especially when requiring a narrow stile frame or door.

9000 Exit Devices: The 9000 Series heavy-duty exit device provides superior durability while the smooth reduced projection touchbar assembly minimizes catch hazards. Wide and narrow stile exit devices for high impact applications are available in rim with latch, mortise, and surface or concealed vertical rod with bolts.

ED900 Operators: The ED900 is the ideal low energy automatic operator when accessibility is required in almost any situation. It’s ideal for high traffic applications, but also is adjustable to provide delicate performance when an application requires specific requirements.

LM Series Pivots: LM Series pivots, using brass and steel, are designed for long life and trouble-free operation. Each pivot and pivot set meets DORMA’s exacting specifications for support of rated and non-rated high-traffic interior and exterior openings, extra-heavy doors, or lead-lined doors. Pivots for 20 minute and 3 hour fire-rated doors comply with applicable codes.

LM pivots span a wide variety of applications on wood, aluminum, or hollow metal doors and frames. They can also be used on doors of special design such as paneled doors, and doors of unusual weight, thickness, or material.

  • Long-life and trouble-free operation
  • Door weight up to 1000 lb for greater durability
  • Center hung, 3/4" offset, 1-1/2" offset, and pocket door pivots available to provide versatility in any applications

ES62 Electronic Strikes: Designed especially to operate with rim exit devices, this rugged stainless steel strike accommodates hollow metal, aluminum, and wood doors. The one piece conventional keeper design promotes even load distribution in the event of attempted forced entry. The heavy-duty housing of the ES62 is reinforced to eliminate twisting in the case of imperfect frames. The smooth radius corners are esthetically pleasing, while reducing personal injury due to catch hazards.


For more than 120 years IVES has been producing a full line of premium-quality building hardware and accessories .Their expansive portfolio includes hinges, pivots, flush bolts, strikes, door trim, pulls, protection plates, lock guards and many other hardware accessories.

157XY Full Surface Continuous Hinge :The new Ives 157XY is a heavy duty, easy-to-install full surface continuous hinge that can be used on standard hollow metal, minimum reveal, narrow-faced frames, and narrow stile aluminum doors in aftermarket or new construction applications. 

The 157XY is the only hinge that allows all lateral and vertical clearances to be adjusted after the hinge is secured to the door and frame, reducing installation time to a fraction of what is required with any other hinge. 

The 157XY makes door repair work faster and enables more efficient maintenance through the life of the opening.

The Ives FOCUS™ bearing system delivers greater performance and reliability than conventional bearing systems. Patented technology securely keys bearings to the cover and to each other to eliminate the internal flexing and grinding that occur in high abuse applications. All bearings are centered at the mid-height of the door which allows them to be more effective when supporting heavier doors. FOCUS delivers maximum lateral strength at the top and bottom of the door where it’s most needed while allowing the hinge to flex with bowed doors and frames without binding. This also enables easy on-site trimming without cutting off bearings and compromising 157XY load carrying capacity.

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Zero International

Zero International was recently acquired by Allegion. Zero International will remain headquartered in the Bronx, New York. Their brands ‑ Zero International, Advantage Lites and Louvers, and Ind-Ex ‑ will join the premium Allegion brands which include; Ives, Glynn Johnson, Schlage, Von Duprin, LCN, Falcon and Steelcraft.

For decades ZERO was my go-to for saddles and other architectural hardware. They had things I didn’t even know I needed, but was inspired to sell and install after seeing the well illustrated product specs and comments on their site. You can order direct or through a distributor; sometimes special orders and rushes are better handled directly.

They could cut to whatever length I needed, which meant less of s sideshow cutting and modifying at the installation site.

Their on line catalog has a wealth of information which helped me to learn about door accessories and greatly assisted in product specification. If that failed, you could always call and speak to Tech Support

Saddles and Thresholds:  ZERO’s top-quality materials and construction are designed to stand up to the demands of heavy traffic as well as temperature extremes.

Their heavy-gauge material allows you to drill and screw saddles and thresholds into concrete without the difficulties you’re likely to find (such as buckling under heavy loads or loose screws) using thresholds of lesser quality constructed from lighter materials.

Energy-efficient thermal-break door saddles: Unfinished oak inserts in these thermal break thresholds provide an attractive look suitable for high-end commercial applications and possible residential use. (Aluminum inserts also available if preferred.) Customize the look as you wish by staining and coating the exposed surfaces. They also offer thermal breaks in a variety of wheelchair-accessible saddles with a one-half-inch rise.

The unique Compress-O-Matic® design ensures an airtight seal even when doors are misaligned because of poor installation, or if slightly warped. If the door fails to make contact with the bulb in this neoprene gasket, the extra "finger" acts as a supplemental seal to block air flow.

UNIGEAR® continuous hinge systems: These are ideal for high-traffic or high-abuse areas where durability counts as much as performance, providing effortless door swing without the installation headaches and cost of pivots.

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