Decisions, Decisions

July 20, 2016

When you decided to become a locksmith there usually were some reasons for making the choice. Reasons such as a good criminal record, honesty and integrity are givens.

Working with the public is essential. If you are not friendly and amiable, customers will soon get the message and take their business somewhere else. "The customer is always right" must be part of any successful business plan.

Keeping promises is another essential. Goods and services must be delivered on time with completion as expected by the customer. Unkept promises are a sure way to lose future business. Dissatisfied customers are more than happy to tell their friends how poor your service was.

Proficiency is a requirement. You cannot provide services which the public expects unless you are adequately capable of doing the job. Training and preparation for doing the job are crucial to business success.

Organizational skills are one more necessity for success. Planning business strategies for both today and for the future simplify the job for you and for any people associated with you.

We are in the midst of the Republican convention in Cleveland which will be soon followed by the Democratic convention. The eventual presidential nominees must both be tested for the requirements listed above. Honesty, integrity, proficiency and delivering on promises are necessities either for owning a locksmith business or for being president of the United States. Watch the convention oratory, decide on who best meets your expectations, and then make your vote count in November.