News Briefs, Feb. 2015

March 2, 2015

EyeLock: Iris Scanning In Motion, At A Distance

STANLEY Security introduces one of the most advanced, efficient, cost-effective biometric identity authentication systems available. Until now, generations of iris, fingerprint and hand geometry readers required users to stand in place until their identity could be verified. STANLEY's EyeLock readers work both in-motion and at-a-distance.  

With EyeLock’s technology, there’s no need for a card, fob, or key for access—enrolled individual just look at the device as they walk by. This video-based authentication does not require people to hold still or be at a certain angle for the system to work,  which enables monitoring even in high traffic areas with no bottlenecks or backlog.

Access control users can rest assured that no personal information is stored; EyeLock's patented iris authentication technology converts an individual's iris characteristics to an encrypted code unique to only that person, and then matches the code to their eyes to grant access. Whether the security entry point is a high throughput turnstile, office door or parking gate, STANLEY's EyeLock biometric readers ensure accuracy and maximum convenience.

Using video rather than static capture allows Nano HS to identify iris characteristics quickly and accurately, even when subjects are in motion, at a distance, or wearing glasses, contact lenses, or sunglasses. This video-based image capture and code encryption are highly accurate—with a false accept rate of only 1 in 1.5 million for a single eye. Since the system relies on personal characteristics rather than external credentials, the potential for breach, loss, or theft is significantly reduced.

Managing the technology is simple, thanks to streamlined enrollment. EyeLock devices are network-compatible and easy to install and integrate.

The EyeLock product suite includes:

Nano HS: Nano HS adds dual authentication and tamper-resistance to EyeLock technology.

• Power: PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) or 48 VDC

• Accurate identification of 20 people per minute

• Capture distance of up to 12 inches

• Specialty OEM application

• Dual authentication

• Anti-tampering

Nano TS: Nano TS brings EyeLock technology to turnstiles for even greater speed, accuracy,and convenience.

• Power: PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) and 12 VDC

• Accurate identification of 20 people per minute

• Capture distance of up to 12 inches

• Integrated HID multi-technology reader

• Convenient for mid- to high-traffic environments

HBOX: For the highest volume applications, HBOX easily manages crowd flow without sacrificing accuracy.

• Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ

• Accurate identification of up to 50 people per minute

• Capture distance of up to 46 inches

• High speed access control

• Anti-tailgating

SDK Software: Effectively coordinate EyeLock devices and manage your iris template database easily and securely.

• Based on Microsoft .NET

• Captures iris images and creates algorithmic templates for easy enrollment

• Manages iris template database

• Communicates with and between multiple EyeLock devices

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Optional Software For Futura Key Machines 

Kaba Ilco Corp. has released new optional software for the Futura key machine. This software will allow the Futura to interface with both Instacode™ and Kreate-A-Key™ code programs.

Many owners already own these code programs. This software update will allow locksmiths to bypass the search screens in the “Silca APP” and send jobs directly to the Futura using their Instacode and/or Kreate-A-Key software.
When using the software to create master keying applications, the information is sent directly to the Futura from the code avoiding the necessity repeating the input of the cut information.
When the “Cut Key” command is issued from the code software, the cutting job is sent to the “Queue of Jobs” file in the Futura software. The operator can then go to the job queue on the Futura tablet to activate the cutting job. When the cutting job is activated the Futura software will walk the user through the process of loading and cutting the key.
Owners should contact their Ilco distributor for additional information and pricing.

Argus Control Relies on ECKey for Inventory Control

ECKey (, a market leader in Smartphone Access Control Systems and Bluetooth Readers, today announced that Argus Control, located in Brasilia, Brazil, has implemented ECKey access control technology to provide low cost, highly effective control for its product inventory.

 “We were having issues of equipment being taken from the inventory without any documentation,” explained Cristóvão Resende, COO, Argus Control. “At the beginning of each month, when we checked the inventory, there was always items missing. After we installed ECKey, that problem was solved.”

Argus specializes in video and access control security systems for residential and small commercial customers and keeps a large amount of inventory on hand. Every month items would go missing so Argus was seeing losses from missing products as well as hundreds of hours spent tracking down the missing items. Often, the missing inventory was not stolen, but it was in a salesman’s truck or was with an installer, but the inventory was still unaccounted for and not available to Resende and his staff.

Argus Control installed ECKey Bluetooth readers to manage access to the inventory room where they had tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of goods. ECKey’s VIZpin cloud based service lets Argus send, revoke and monitor electronic keys anytime from anywhere, something they could not get from a keypad, and card-reader access systems that offered those features were more than three times as expensive. With ECKey, they have all the access features they need at a fraction of the cost of competitive products and virtually no administrative costs.  “We were able to gain full control of our inventory with a minimal investment,” said Resende.

The ECKey system has been installed for over a year and the savings are significant.  “Now we know where all our assets are and this is saving inventory and time, so we can focus on running our business. “

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