Using Impulse Sales Techniques to Sell Security Products

Dec. 1, 2014
Locksmiths sell products that replace or increase the level of security for a customer's business, residence or vehicle. Hot items are electronic deadbolt locks operated via Smart phone and video surveillance that can be viewed remotely.

Unless you have been living in a cave, you have been bombarded with people trying to sell you things you do not need, want or would ever consider purchasing. Yet, many people keep purchasing stuff on impulse they will probably not use more than once. Our senses are constantly overloaded from marketers presenting their goods in person, on television and online. I have heard about studies that say the average person has approximately 5,000 items, offers, etc., presented to them each day. And here is a probable reason why.

According to a comprehensive study in 2002, researchers found that almost one-third of all consumers make a sizable impulse purchase every week. This is a significant number. As locksmiths, lets take advantage of this information to increase our sales and bottom line.

What if we were to take some of the marketing aspects of impulse buying and incorporate them creatively into the presentations and talks we give for our customers and potential customers?

Before we begin with the sales pitch, let us begin with some impulse buying basics. Why is there impulse buying? Probably because manufacturers who were having difficulty selling their stuff needed a practical way to get these items sold.

What are other ways to create a demand? A great example is an outdoor mall in San Diego. The mall was a "converted" multi-story building that incorporated businesses along the interior side of the walls, having an open center. This design created an "open air" mall with about half a dozen levels exposed to the elements. A cinnamon bun bakery was located along one side on a middle floor. Above the entry, there was a funnel about five feet in diameter with the opening pointing down onto the limited walkway. The funnel was the exhaust vent for the bakery ovens. People who walked near the bakery would be overwhelmed with the smells of the baked goods. I still remember the lines of people in front of the bakery just waiting to make a purchase and the people on the different levels that would begin to talk about cinnamon buns when the odor reached them. There’s no need to talk people into buying freshly baked cinnamon buns.

Another example is chocolate. A chocoholic does not need someone talking them into purchasing chocolate.  They just have to walk past Godiva, See’s or Fannie Farmer.

How does impulse buying work?  It works because salespeople are personable and good at communicating with the public. They are knowledgeable about the product, enabling them to demonstrate one or more impressive, relevant features. A successful impulse purchase demonstration is to have people "live in the moment", for the customers to actually see themselves interacting with the product. The sales person is verbalizing pretty much constantly, talking about how wonderful, fantastic and amazing the product is during the presentation.

Locksmiths sell products that replace or increase the level of security for a customer's business, residence or vehicle. For example, a hot item for today's customers is electronic deadbolt locks that can be operated using a Smart phone and even notify the owner when someone attempts or gains access. Some can even enable one-time access. Another hot topic is video surveillance, giving customers the ability to view their business or residence at any time or place using their Smart phone.

Depending upon the customer’s understanding of security, amazing topics can range from customized keying of mechanical locks to simplifying access, entrapping missing keys and different forms of master keying. For electromechanical locks, knowing where and when a user attempted or gained access from any computer or instantly deleting a user from a networked lock. All of these are amazing things to people who have no experience with them.

When doing a presentation, talk about how the product makes this possible along with repeating amazing features helps to create the "gotta have" or impulse desire. Unlike many impulse items, providing a unique aspect of security is something your customer will be glad they have for many years or possibly until their teenagers moves out.

Impulse methods can help sales if the product discussed has some personal relevance for the customer. This portion is a no brainer as most people who talk with you have already been thinking about security on a very personal level. Offering a customer a "free consultation" is a great way to get into the door to do a presentation.

Creating a dynamic presentation is extremely important. Take enough time to prepare. Make sure the presentation is not too short or long. Make it simple when describing the product’s operation. If the explanation is too complex, you will lose their attention. Take the time to learn the product and the presentation until you are completely comfortable. Be the expert with affect.

When the presentation is roughly complete, do a number of test runs. Ask your friends, family and co-workers to would listen to your presentation. The comments from these three groups will usually be a good indicator if your presentation is thumbs up or down. Make sure you ask for suggestions to improve the presentation. Have them ask questions when the thoughts come up as the business customers will do. Be sure to maintain eye contact with your audience.

If you do not have an audience, record your presentation. A Smart phone and a desktop tripod are all you need. Pretend the camera is the audience. Ask a friend or business associate to watch the video. You should watch the video with a critical eye. Be sure to make corrections to improve the presentation.

When you make the presentation be sure to have affect. Talk about how the product raises the security to a new and higher level. Use appropriate superlatives. Customers will not appreciate your presentation if it is in a mediocre monotone.

Bring along visual aids including demo products that they can test drive. Playing with an operable product is very different than seeing a video or a non-functioning demonstrator. Make the demonstration easy and comfortable for your audience. Making a deadbolt unlock remotely and sending an email using a Smart phone will usually clinch the sale.

At the end of the presentation, make a price appealing offering as discount or free add-on. Offering an enticement can be beneficial; however, the description is more important than the deal itself. A deal is not a deal if the way it is presented does not sound appealing. For example, if your customer is older, consider offering to program their Smart phone for free or do not charge sales tax. An offer that I like is to reduce the price on a second or related item.

Correctly applying impulse sales techniques to a good presentation will result in improved sales. Improved sales increases your bottom line.