Ziptide, November 2014

Nov. 3, 2014

Lock ID Help Received

A California locksmith encountered this deadbolt lock when a customer asked for a combination change. In an effort to remove the lock the inside housing was damaged. The locksmith then asked Locksmith Ledger for assistance in determining what company manufactured this product. While our crew of Locksmith Ledger experts was stumped, our readers were able to identify the lock manufacturer.

We especially thank Security Lock Distributors (on Facebook) and Doug Whiton (The Back Page, September issue). Both had the correct answer.

The request for help identifying a deadbolt lock rang a bell with me. Located in my old stock was this (photos attached) M.A.G. Ultra 800 deadbolt lock. I think it is what you are looking for. Old stock, indeed. The instruction sheet shows a date of 5/79.

Doug Whiton

D.S. Whiton, Locksmith

The Security Lock Distributors Team thinks the deadbolt was by MAG and called the Ultra 800. The Ultra 700 was Mag’s heavy duty version of it and the 800 was the cheaper version. It has since been discontinued. Link to 1981 catalog page:

Security Lock Distributors

And here were some other good guesses:

-- An altar lock. It's discontinued. You can get it from old locksmith who keeps old things or try to see what's broken and repair

-- Maybe an older Lori brand

-- To be honest with you, I've never seen ANYTHING like that except in Europe. Would it be possible (worst case scenario) to use a wrap-around plate and drill new holes for a deadbolt?

-- Old mobile home style deadbolt.

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