News Briefs, July 2014

July 1, 2014

Mul-T-Lock Introduces Home Protection System Selector

Mul-T-Lock USA, Inc. introduces, an easy-to-use Home Protection System selector to help residential clients quickly learn more about protecting their doors.  Designed to secure homes with multiple layers of security while residents are both home and away, Mul-T-Lock’s Home Protection utilizes three complementary components:

The Digital Door Viewer (DDV) – This innovative and superior alternative to a standard peephole allows users to see who is at or approaching their door.  With infrared technology, it displays a clear image even in low lighting.  The DDV can capture videos or still shots of those outside the door and can even record snapshots of visitors who ring the bell while the homeowner is away.

The Hercular Deadbolt - Renowned for its immense strength, durability and resistance to kicking, picking, drilling, bumping, and more, the Hercular is of the strongest deadbolts on the market today and aids in protecting against unauthorized entry by force or by subtle manipulation.

Patented Mul-T-Lock Keys – The Hercular deadbolt is also equipped with Mul-T-Lock’s patented key and locking technology.  Patented keys give key owners enhanced control over who can and who cannot obtain copies of their keys.  As keys may only be duplicated by authorized persons who present a unique key id card to an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer, the risk of an unwelcome guest obtaining a key is virtually eliminated.  Mul-T-Lock keys also allow for highly specialized keying options such as 3in1 keying which allows the user to rekey their own locks by simply turning a key and FleX control keying, which lets the key owner add or revoke temporary authorization of a guest key as often as necessary without requiring any electronic elements.

Mul-T-Lock USA, Inc. Marketing Manager, Sheri Butts, explains, “With so many different security products on the market today, choosing the right ones can be difficult and confusing.  We created this selection tool to help simplify the process for homeowners.  Often, residents aren’t sure which security threats they need to guard against, so we’ve identified the solutions that every door needs.  This system offers a modern way to address age old security concerns.  One of the first safety tips we learn, even as a child is to ask who’s at the door before you open.  And as we know, all  doors should be equipped with a strong lock that can resist all types of unwanted entry – from forced methods such as kicking and picking to more discreet methods that can result from someone getting a key without your knowledge.  The home protection system covers all these bases and gives customers a convenient way to see the options and get the information they want with just a few clicks.”

GSA Container Identification, Revised Edition

In 2009, MBA USA published their reference book, GSA Container Identification.  This book has been widely recognized as an invaluable resource for anyone who works on U.S. Government security containers.  With the first edition sold out, GSA Container Identification, Revised Edition is now available.

The nearly 60 year history of GSA containers has brought many changes to their specifications and designs.  The author of GSA Container Identification, Revised Edition has worked diligently to research these changes and make this the most accurate, up-to-date reference on GSA approved containers and vault doors available.

Compiled and written by one of the industry's leading educators on GSA approved security equipment. GSA Container Identification, Revised Edition contains approximately 100 pages of information on GSA approved security containers and vault doors.  This full color book is packed with information on all types of GSA approved containers including tips on how to tell one manufacturer's products from the others, and identify products often mistaken for GSA approved products that are not.

Author Andy Dennison has an extensive background in the field of service and repair of GSA approved security containers and vault doors.  Mr. Dennison works in the development of training and instruction in several subjects within the locksmithing and safe and vault trades.  He is a Certified Master Locksmith, Certified Professional Safe Technician and a recognized expert in the area of GSA approved security containers and vault doors.

List price: $125.00. More information:  Look in the New Products section or search for Product Number MB88.  The book may be ordered on the website or by calling MBA USA, Inc. at 859-887-0496.

Designing for Disaster: Tornado Solutions from ASSA ABLOY

Designing for Disaster, a new exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., showcases the critical role of building design and construction in protecting against hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes and other dangers.

Storm shelter door openings from ASSA ABLOY are featured prominently in one of the exhibit’s marquis displays: a partially deconstructed FEMA P320-specified safe room for residences.

Storm shelters or safe rooms designed and built according to the FEMA guidelines are one of the few defenses against a tornado or violent storm that can produce wind speeds up to 250 mph and turn everyday items into destructive flying debris. The door openings—including the door, frame, locking hardware and hinges—are the only operable or moving part of a shelter and are therefore its weakest link.

The door opening installed on the Designing for Disaster safe room exhibit is constructed with products from ASSA ABLOY Group brands, including a StormPro door and frame from CECO Door, heavy duty SP3786 hinges from McKINNEY, Maxum deadbolts from MEDECO, a 5400 Series cylindrical lock from YALE and a 2005AT threshold from PEMKO.

 “The door is the weakest link in the shelter because it has moving parts and needs to be operable,” said James Bell, windstorm coordinator for ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions. “There is a dangerous misconception that a shelter door opening can be constructed simply by grouping heavy duty products together. But the FEMA testing procedure shows the dangers of this mindset. An opening built without specially designed products will likely fail and expose shelter occupants to danger.”

All products used in the opening, with the exception of the threshold which does not impact structural integrity, have been tested as a complete assembly in compliance with FEMA P320 - Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room For Your Home or Small Business. Products used in a shelter constructed to FEMA P320 guidelines must pass static load testing (hold firm against a force of 252 psf for 10 seconds) and impact testing (withstand three impacts from a 15 pound two-inch by four-inch piece of lumber fired from an air cannon at 100 mph).

The opening featured on the exhibition safe room is one of many ASSA ABLOY assemblies that are listed for use on FEMA shelters. These assemblies range from shutters used to cover windows to double doors with a dimension of eight feet by eight feet (8’0” x 8’0”).  For more information about windstorm solutions from ASSA ABLOY, visit

The exhibition opened May 11, 2014 and will remain on view through August 2, 2015. Visit to purchase tickets online.

Low-Cost Toshiba NVR Upgrades Legacy Analog Systems

Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products Group has removed the last barrier for small- and middle-sized businesses to deploy an IP network video surveillance system with the ESV4  four-channel embedded network video recorder (NVR) that combines high-definition output with exceptionally low cost-of-ownership.

The Toshiba ESV4 is loaded with new features and advanced technologies like HDMI output in 1080p high-definition video, simultaneous recording of four megapixel IP cameras, mobile app support (iPhone, iPad, Android), and free Video Management Software to make it the perfect solution for those businesses hesitant to migrate from legacy analog systems to IP video surveillance. It is compatible with Toshiba IP cameras and more than 500 other OnVIF compliant IP cameras up to five megapixels.

The ESV4 interface is simple to operate, whether on a local recorder, in a browser or remotely viewed from a mobile device. For additional convenience, it comes with on-board CMS Basic Video Management Software that uses standard network protocols to automatically find and configure cameras, assign IP addresses, display connection status and manage multiple cameras with live monitoring with full search capabilities. This combination of both design and technology has streamlined the IP migration process and eliminated the confusion often associated with recording video on the network.

Embedded with the robust Linux operating system and supporting H.264 live monitoring and recording, the ESV4 offers superior reliability. It is also highly adaptive to evolving security needs with expandable video storage up to 6-Terabytes on its two internal high-speed SATA HDDs. Live video from IP cameras operating in multiple locations can be remotely managed and recorded on an ESV4 stored off-site to prevent tampering. For more information, visit

ICE Cable Catalog Helps Select Proper Wiring

Established in 2004, ICE Cable Systems is a leading manufacturer of premium low-voltage wire and cable products that serves the Audio Video, Alarm and Security, Commercial, Electrical Contracting and Data Center channels.  The company has created a full-color 34-page catalog that is available for viewing in webzine and PDF formats at – with printed versions mailing to all its installers and distributors now.

”The goal of the catalog is to provide a comprehensive yet easy-to-read piece that will help dealers develop a stronger understanding of the many types of structured wiring, connectors and accessories that we offer – and why our adherence to safety and performance standards such as UL, ETL, RoHS and HDBaseT is so crucial for their businesses.  This should help them make better decisions when specifying for the diverse and complex jobs they encounter,” says ICE Cable Systems President Brian Rizzo.

The catalog features sections on:  

  • Product highlights of the company’s most innovative products
  • Product listings (descriptions, colors, compatibilities)
  • An in-depth look at cable standards and performance
  • Competitors cross reference chart
  • How ICE makes premium cable

For more information, contact ICE Cable Systems at 310.444.1950.