The Back Page, March 2014

March 3, 2014


Jerry Levine wrote an in-depth report on bicycle padlocks. CCL described their full lineup of padlocks.  Gale Johnson suggested shrouded padlocks by American Lock for added security.  Federal Lock company 'hockey puck' padlocks were shown.  This "Know Your Distribtor" issue featured a visit to Clark Security in Los Angeles.  Locksmith R.W. Staples wrote an opinion article against locksmith legislation by the government. Sean DeForrest wrote his views on "The Future Direction of Locksmiths."  Both Mr. Staples and Mr. DeForrest offer interesting reading even twenty years later.  Jim Glazier had ideas on securing residences.  Bill Bower tested a new drill jig by Specialty Mfg.  Where are they now?  Tom Gillespie reported on a new Honda Legend sidewinder key system.  Dianna Davis discussed the position of women in the security industry.  Louis George had some suggestions on servicing locksets.  Tony Sampson had an interesting tale regarding an old Pittsburgh safe.  Jerry Levine shared servicing techniques for a new GM ignition lock. Milt Wolferseder serviced a Diebold 900 series safe.  Tim O’Leary had gate operators on his mind.


Rod Oden offered tips on servicing standalone electronic locks. Tim O’Leary explained the LS series standalone locks from IEI.  Gale Johnson reported on Cobra series locks by Schlage.  O’Leary wrote a thoughtful electronics quiz. Perhaps we should have an updated quiz with terms from today. Jerry Levine installed a SABL standalone lock from Securitron. Kaba provided a few examples of access control in school and university settings.  Tom Gillespie visited a locksmith who had a special showroom for displaying safes.  Jerry Levine also introduced the LaGard 3900 electronic safe lock.  Tools and keys were featured in an automotive update article. Lockmasters had a new remote cloner according to a Locksmithing Etc. notice.  A listing of new 2004 car model code series and key blanks was printed.  Steeve Kaufman explained how to be an effective salesman.  Topics like this never get old. Locksmith Ledger reported on a successful IR electronic lock presentation sponsored by Clark Security and staged at the Greater Chicago Locksmith Association headquarters. Jeff Trepanier tested the Code Seeker by Strattec.


Hirsch Industries has a line of file cabinets which are reportedly sold by Staples office supplies. The newest 'WIND' locks use a W601-W650 code series. An O1122R / Y13 key blank can be used for cutting change keys. The locks are masterkeyed and have a removable core feature.  An uncut 100AM / AP5 key blank can be used for plug removal. The plug retainer is in the 6th position and has a strong retainer spring.  With the lock in an unlocked position, fully insert a 100AM blank into the plug and pull outward to remove the plug. Master key cuts are 12321 which can be made on a 100AM blank shortened to 5 spaces.

Spacing is: 130 / 228 / 327 / 425 / 524.

Depths are: 1) 248  2) 232  3) 213

Hirsch Industries has used more than one source for locks.  Older Hirsch cabinets may be found with an "HI" or another "W" code series which both use an N1069N keyway.