Special Access Control Solutions For A Special Needs School

March 3, 2014
Locksmith Ledger and several manufacturers worked together to help improve security at a school for children with autism.

Providing full-security services to clients requires the locksmith be ready to provide a wider variety of products than perhaps he would have a few years ago. Customers have a heightened awareness of the importance of security, and the threat does not diminish in a weak economy. Also, criminals and evil-doers are equal opportunity when it comes to selecting their victims, often targeting the weakest and most vulnerable.

So with respect to providing the best customer service, part of the traditional locksmith’s job description is providing the special attention and specifically selected solution for those customers requiring that attention.

Every customer has a special need which requires a special solution. Even when doing mundane tasks such as duplicating keys, ask the customer those questions which will ensure the key you are providing will work correctly, hopefully saving them a trip back to you your shop (or to a competitor’s) to get a properly working key.

This philosophy extends to reaching out into the community to offer a helping hand which might not otherwise be readily available to an individual or an organization which may have limited funding and a limited understanding of what benefits enhanced security can offer.

Most locksmiths are not in a financial position to be philanthropists; we’re too busy earning a living, but we compensate in different ways, perhaps by donating to a charity, volunteering our time to a good cause, or most likely, by offering each client an extra degree of customer service by exceeding their expectations and giving them our best advice.

Two articles this month cover the installation of electronic keypads and video surveillance for a small non-profit special needs school.  The installation was made possible by the generosity of the vendors who donated the equipment. The Locksmith Ledger provided the design and project management, and a little sweat equity was provided by volunteers, parents and staff. (Read the companion article about installing video surveillance at www.locksmithledger.com/11305907.)

In my own experience the job title Project Manager usually bestows the responsibilities of everything associated with the job: making the sale, designing the system, training the installers on the equipment, riding shotgun during the installation, fixing all the mistakes and repairing the damage caused during the installation, making the necessary adjustments in order for the equipment to operate properly; train the end-user, and getting that final payment.

We all realize that every project is unique in its own way, and what the owners’ expectations for the system will differ as well. The idea is to sync up the client’s expectations with your systems attributes to the greatest degree possible.

Customer: The Jericho School

The client for this school security project was Angelo Martinez, executive director of The Jericho School for Children With Autism in Jacksonville, Fla. (For more information on the school, visit www.thejerichoschool.org.) Following are the Ledger’s questions and Martinez’s answers.

Please tell us about yourself, your school and its mission.

I started working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis in 1995. I worked for a couple of different organizations providing ABA services in the Public Schools. For over 12 years now I have been working strictly with children with autism and other developmental disabilities. I am currently the executive director for The Jericho School.

The Jericho School is a non-profit school that provides individualized science based educational programs for children with autism utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis and B.F. Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior. Although we specialize in the acquisition of language skills; we create a completely comprehensive program for each student. The mission of The Jericho School is to help all children with autism to reach their full potential.

What led you to decide that you required these security devices (keypads and cameras)?

We are always looking for opportunities to improve the security for our staff and students. We are fortunate to be able to occupy an old educational building that is no longer being completely utilized. The building in centrally located in Jacksonville and it serves our purpose well. However, being an older building, we continuously strive to find ways to update the safety for our school.

Safety and security is even more of a concern for the population of students that we have in the school. Many children with autism have language delays and some are even nonverbal. Children with autism can be susceptible to strangers and often are not able to defend or speak out for themselves. We are fortunate that our classrooms have an extremely low student-to-teacher ratio and teachers are able to continuously supervise students at all times. Having the additional security on the doors and with an extra set of eyes on the classrooms allows us to be completely assured of the safety of our staff and students.

Special Issues

This project had the following issues:

  • Limited access to certain areas
  • Constraints on the noise and dust permissible
  • Doors with a 2-3/8” backset rather than the standard 2-3/4”
  • Some doors where damaged in the area where the locks would be installed.
  • A proposed camera location 150 feet away from where the NVR was to be located in the main office.

Doors at the school were wood and not labeled. Codelocks sends the 2-3/4” backset with the #5210, but has 2-3/8” backset latches available. Ask for part number DL60.

Note that while the 2-3/4” backset latch is UL Fire-Rated, the 2-3/8” backset DL60 latch is not. The backset of the latch has nothing to do with the Codelocks’ ANSI Grade 2 Rating.

Additionally, re-drilling the door for 2/3/4” backset results in a small gap where the body of the Codelocks does not cover the original 2-3/8” hole. A little bit of wood filler is one solution. But because several doors were cracked in the area of the lockset, we had concerns that the new locks would not be adequately supported and sought out another solution.

Don-Jo Wraparounds

Don-Jo has been making hardware solutions for decades and has accessories to solve a variety of problems.

When the Locksmith Ledger contacted Don-Jo and explained our project and our installation dilemma, they gratiously donated their 23 CW wraparounds.

Don-Jo’s 23 CW wraparound is designed for use with the Codelocks 5000 series for applications where the door has been damaged, the door has the wrong backset, or the Codelocks unit is replacing a unit whose prep leaves visible holes in the door.

Dimensions: 5” X 9”

Backset: 2-3/4”

Door Thickness: 1-3/4”

Material: 22ga. (.032)

Finishes: Pbs; S; 10b

For more information on Do-Jo products, contact your local locksmith distributor or Don-Jo Manufacturing, 70 Pratts Junction Road, Sterling, MA 01564. Phone: 978-422-3377 or 800-628-8389. Web site: www.don-jo.com.

Major Mfg. Drill Jig

But before we could apply the Don-JO 23CW we needed to redrill the doors with the correct backset. Major Manufacturing offers a variety of specialized locksmithing tools, including the HIT-134 drill jig for prepping doors for the Codelocks 5000 series.

This drill jig provides the means to drill the door both quickly and accurately. If you are in a hurry, working under less than ideal (cold, rain or snow) conditions, or if you or short on help, this tool is for you. In fact, you can carefully measure and mark a door, and still miss the hole placement enough to slow your pace and cost you time. For retrofits, the jig uses the latch bore to position the jig on the door. Once again, when the Locksmith Ledger contacted Major and explained our project and our need for a jig, they generously made a HIT-134 available for our project.

This unit thru-bolts to door, using the existing 2-1/8" crossbore for alignment. All required mounting and function holes are located with hardened drill bushings, on both sides of template, to allow drilling from either side of door. Standard drill guide will accommodate doors with 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset and up to 2" thick.

For more information on Major Manufacturing products, contact your local locksmith distributor or Major Manufacturing, 1824 Via Burton, Anaheim, CA 92806. Phone: 714-772-5202. Web site: www.majormfg.com.

A-1 Security’s BUL-2

We still needed to re-drill the backset, and a needed a specialized device which would allow us to drill over the existing cylinder hole. A-1 Security’s BUL-2 is designed for the professional installer, unlike ones you find in home centers and hardware stores. A-1 was happy to participate in our project with a donation of a BUL-2.

We reported on the Codelocks 5210 recently, and when the school got in our radar and we decided to take on the project, Codelocks sent us the locks we needed and the tech support we required to get the job done.

For more information on A-1 Security Manufacturing products, contact your local locksmith distributor or A-1 Security Manufacturing, 3001 W. Moore St., Richmond, VA 23230. Phone: 804-359-9003 or 877-725-2121. Web site: www.demanda1.com.

Codelocks 5210

As is often the case with electronic access controls, the Codelocks 5210 has features and user capacity which far exceeded the client’s needs, but the Codelocks is an excellent value. As is often the case, the client may realize the benefits of electronic access and may wish to enhance the system with other features such as remote door release, lock down, or audit trial, some of Codelocks standard an optional abilities.

Read Locksmith Ledger's recent feature article on Codelocks at www.locksmithledger.com/11271440.

The CL5000 line is composed of heavy duty electronic pushbutton Codelocks with full-size lever handles for use in high traffic applications. The stylish, contemporary design incorporates all the features of the CL2000 and CL4000 ranges, in a larger, more robust assembly.

Unlike the other electronic locks, the CL5000 range has a conventional three- by four-button keypad with which most users will be instantly familiar.

Electronic functionality provides major benefits over mechanical locks, such as multiple User Codes, The locks are fully programmable on the door via the keypad with a multiple range of functions. making them particularly suitable for use in health, educational, commercial and residential environments.

  • Allows up to 80 User Codes 4, 5 or 6 digits long
  • On door programming via Master (programming) Codes
  • Allows up to 10 One-Time User Codes to be entered
  • Locked • / unlocked •, LED indicator option
  • PVD weather resistant, low maintenance finish
  • Over 200,000 operations from 4 x AA cells (supplied)
  • Tamper time out and low battery warning
  • Connections for remote release by reception desk button, and alarm release included
  • Code Free entry mechanically by key or electronically from the keypad
  • Front change cylinder
  • Can be supplied with Master Key Option - Contact Codelocks
  • Grade 2 ANSI - A156.2 / A156.25
  • UL / ULC Fire Rating 3 hours (when fitted with fire kit)

The CL5210 is a heavy duty electronic tubular mortise latch. It is available in two PVD finishes: Brushed Steel and Polished Brass.

  • External doors - low / medium / high traffic
  • Internal doors - low / medium / high traffic
  • Mortise Latch
  • Lever handle lock for doors hung on the left or right
  • Use in offices / schools / warehouses / hospitals / care homes / nurseries / hotels / leisure facilities / the home
  • Also available as Back to Back (CL5210BB) – Provides coded access in both directions

The outside lever turns freely without operating the latchbolt. When a valid code is entered and the blue LED lights, the lever will retract the latchbolt. When the door closes, the spring latch will automatically lock the door.

The key will open the door for management functions. The key may be used to set the lock into Code Free mode so that anyone can open the door without using a code. Code Free Mode can also be programmed at the keypad using the Master Code.

The lock can store up to 80 different User Codes. Codes may be 4, 5 or 6 digits long. Programming is via the keypad, using the Master Code. 

The lock has fitted as standard two alarm release terminals.

  • REM1 is used to open the lock from a reception desk button or answer phone.
  • REM2 can be linked to an alarm system which, when activated by a momentary contact, will release the door for 30 minutes. This allows emergency personnel to enter the room to rapidly check that no one has been overlooked.

The CL5000AT (Audit Trail Function) has all the features of the standard CL5000 but with the added facility to easily control and monitor door access. Administrators can download and review the door activity data using a USB memory stick and analyzing the data on their computer.

Audit Trail Features:

  • 2000 Entries Recorded
  • 989 User Codes
  • 10 One-Time User Codes
  • Standard CL5000 Features Supported

Data Management Software Features:

  • View Audit Trail Information
  • Export and Save Audit Data for Excel
  • Change Master Code, Sub-Master Code and Lock Functions
  • Add and Manage User Codes, including
  • Record names against codes
  • Control when user codes will be active during the day/week
  • Suspend and restore codes
  • Duplicate settings between multiple locks
  • Delete all user settings
  • Control active periods for all users
  • Manage weekend lockout

For more information on Codelocks products, contact your local locksmith distributor or Codelocks Inc., 1929 Main St., Suite B, Irvine, CA 92614.. Phone: 714-979-2900. Web site: www.codelocks.us.