News Briefs, Dec. 2013

Dec. 2, 2013

Kevo™ Turns Smartphone Into Key

Kwikset® answers consumer demand for both convenience and security with its Kevo™ smart lock Bluetooth®-enabled deadbolt. By simply installing Kevo and downloading the mobile app, your iPhone® becomes your key. Convenient and versatile, Kevo gives owners the ability to unlock the door with their smartphone and a simple touch; send electronic keys (eKeys) to family, friends and service people; and receive notifications whenever a user enters or exits their door.

“Kevo is not just another lock; it represents a shift in lifestyle for busy homeowners. Whether keeping track of your teenage daughter, granting temporary access to a housecleaner or monitoring your front door activity while on vacation, Kevo redefines the meaning of smart, simple security,” said Greg Gluchowski, president, Kwikset.

Using the Kevo mobile app, homeowners can send eKeys to family, friends or service people, anywhere, anytime. Once an eKey is sent, recipients can simply download the mobile app, if they don’t already have it installed, keep their iPhone in their purse or pocket and unlock the door with a simple touch. With several levels of permissions, Kevo Owners and Administrators have authorization to send, delete and disable eKeys within seconds. After distributing eKeys, they can choose to receive notifications when a user locks or unlocks the door, for convenient home security management. Homeowners agree, eKeys are the answer to every-day challenges in key (and home security) management:

“Using Kevo is like living in the future. My new smart lock, and therefore my home, now magically recognizes me by touch. Being able to issue and revoke virtual keys to family members or service providers is priceless. Install was a breeze, even for a guy like me who's never replaced a deadbolt, and it only required a single screwdriver.” – David Zatz, blogger at “Zatz Not Funny”.

After setting up a Kevo account, Owners can customize and control everything through their app, including:

Managing eKeys and settings associated with each given lock

Receiving notifications when a user enters or exits the door

Monitoring lock activity and tracking user history

Updating Kevo lock software directly from a smartphone

Instant access to Kevo’s Help Center

Kevo web portal offers the same management features as the app via a browser

Kevo combines UniKey Technologies™, Inc.’s (UniKey) secure touch-to-open technology and Kwikset’s 67 years of experience engineering and manufacturing residential door locks. Features include:

Inside-outside technology – Kevo offers patent-pending intelligent positioning technology that detects whether an authorized user is inside or outside of the home before granting access, to help prevent unauthorized entry.

Touch-to-open convenience – Users can keep their phones in their pocket or purse. No more fumbling for keys, simply touch the lock to open for the ultimate in convenience.

Kevo fob – No smartphone? No problem. Users can enjoy the same touch to open convenience with the fob. A single fob can be authorized to work with up to 25 Kevo locks.

Multiple levels of encryption – Kevo uses multiple levels of encryption to increase digital security and is continually reviewed by industry leading independent security experts.

SmartKey® technology – Kwikset’s patented SmartKey re-key technology provides superior security and re-key convenience unlike any other smart lock on the market.

Kevo is compatible with smartphones that support Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and have the Kevo mobile app available. The app is currently available for iPhone® 4S, 5, 5c and 5s, as well as the fifth generation iPod® touch, third generation or higher iPad® and iPad mini. The app will become available for Android™, pending software upgrades that will fully support Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0 technology. More Info:

Kaba's Automated  Exit Lane Breach Control Secures Airport

McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, has received validation from the Transportation Security Administration to fully utilize automated exit lane corridors to provide a more-secure process for passengers exiting protected areas of the airport.  The combination of advanced monitoring, detection and barrier technology prevent entry into secure areas and will notify airport security personnel in the event of a potential intrusion.  Kaba's automated Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC) System works in accordance with all applicable regulations without a requirement to physically staff the exit lane. The Kaba system at McCarran is the first of its kind in the United States.

McCarran is the ninth-largest airport in the United States, serving more than 41 million passengers annually.  With last year's opening of its Terminal 3 expansion, McCarran implemented a number of passenger processing technologies, including automated exit lanes to facilitate the egress of arriving passengers as they exit from the secure portion of the airport on their way to baggage claim. 

 "Kaba's Exit Lane Breach Control has been in place at T3 from its opening, but until its recent TSA evaluation,  McCarran was required to augment certain exit lanes around the clock with an employee who was tasked with watching over the doors," said Rosemary A. Vassiliadis, Director of Aviation for Clark County, Nev. "With the TSA's positive assessment in hand, our Kaba doors can now operate as they were intended - providing improved security for travelers and greater efficiency for the airport's operational needs. We're now looking at ways to install similar Kaba Lanes elsewhere at McCarran."

The Kaba Lane is designed to efficiently control passenger flow while preventing unauthorized entry, or breach, to the secure airside of the airport. The stand-alone integrated system monitors, alerts and notifies airport security personnel, in real-time, in the event of intrusion and detects suspicious pass-through or unattended objects.  

"Since the beginning of operation in June 2012,  the exit lane breach control corridors have undergone independent evaluations which have satisfactorily met  the capabilities to prevent an exit lane breach without the presence of a guard", reports David Wurtz, Director of Business Development for Kaba Access and Data Systems Americas.  "If we look at a snapshot of the airport industry today, this is an extraordinary option for airports concerned about recent changes in exit lane staffing requirements.  The Kaba Lane offers a viable solution that eliminates the reoccurring cost associated with staffing exit lanes, with a relatively short return on investment.   We expect this exciting news will be very well received."

More Info:

Aperio™ Integrated With TX3 System

ASSA ABLOY announces the integration of their Aperio™ wireless lock technology with the TX3 system from Mircom Group Companies, a North American designer and manufacturer of fire detection and alarm, voice evacuation and communications systems.

The Aperio integration offers Mircom customers an easy, affordable way to extend their existing TX3 systems to more openings. Aperio is a global wireless platform available across a broad range of locking hardware from ASSA ABLOY Group brands, offering the flexibility to address a variety of applications throughout any facility.

Mircom’s TX3 is a unified solution providing physical and logical access, internal building communications and property management administration tools. The IT-centric platform reduces the administrative burden of the property management by managing all building needs from a central location. TX3 Community, a unique property management solution, allows occupants to reserve visitor parking, amenity bookings, make directory changes and a variety of other requests, all from the comfort of their own suite. This layered approach of technologies enhances the occupant experience integrating wireless networked locksets, intercom, fire annunciation, social media and more.

 “The benefits of Aperio enhance our existing systems without additional wiring during a retrofit or new installation and allows us the capability to provide a very efficient solution to our customers,” stated David Ito, Product Manager, Communication and Security, Mircom.  “The Mircom and Aperio system becomes a cost-effective approach to enhancing the capabilities of our legacy access control systems.”

 “By combining Mircom’s market expertise in fire safety and communications with our award-winning Aperio technology, end-users will benefit from a complete access control solution,” stated Martin Huddart, President Access and Egress Hardware Group, ASSA ABLOY Americas. “This partnership underscores both companies’ commitments to provide end-users with easy, flexible access control for the varied requirements of today’s facilities.”

Available across a broad range of locking hardware from ASSA ABLOY Group brands, Aperio provides the flexibility to address many applications throughout any facility. Aperio uses wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4) between the lock and an Aperio hub to provide real-time communication to the access control system, simplifying installation and reducing costs. More Info.