Back Page, August 2012

Aug. 2, 2012


Miwa announced their EC series high security magnetic locks. Where are they now?  Charles Cole explained the problem of dealing with air bags when servicing GM ignition locks. Ledger highlighted the J series Chrysler codes which used an unusual blank. The blank was only used for one year.  Dee Bucha wrote an article on Assa high security locks.  Jet Hardware introduced their neuter bow key blanks which could be custom embossed with advertising information.  Still a good idea. Sean DeForrest offered some thoughts on building consumer awareness.  Medeco high security locks were featured.  General questions were included to help locksmiths pass the PRP exam.  Ford 10-cut ignition locks were examined for possible plug exchanging in an emergency. Olympus lock showed how to install a deadlocking latch in a drug cabinet. Milt Wolferseder serviced a Gardall electronic safe lock.  Safe lock servicing for a Johnson-Pacific TL-15 safe was also explained.  Marls USA introduced a new line of residential locksets. Kaba explained how to pin Peaks mortise cylinders.


Tom Gillespie installed an IEI DoorGard LS-1 pushbutton lock. Tim O’Leary looked at the Schlage E-Bolt deadbolt. Marks USA presented their full lineup of i-Que access control locksets. Steve Young presented an overview of side-impact airbag systems and deflates the myth about death-by-car opening tool.  Jerry Levine installed an LCN 4111 Smothee door closer.  Jerry also studied an ED5200S exit device by Corbin-Russwin.  Recognition System suggested that biometrics could be a new locksmith profit center. The Key-Trax master key system was discussed.  Locksmith ledger introduced facts on the 2003 Saturn Ion "G" key code series, now standard on many GM cars. Tiny serviced a 2002 Saturn which used the earlier B96 key blanks.  Shane Crosby, Fire King International, showed how to open a Meilink fire safe.  Gale Johnson reported on new motorcycle locks used on the 2002 models.  Tiny returned to show how simple it is to use a Framon code machine.  Locksmith Ledger also reported on an all-day access control class presented by Clark Security.


JSK Inc. has just introduced a new deadbolt for sliding patio doors. Original equipment patio door locks are often known for their vulnerability to forced entry. A Deerfield patio door lock has been available for many years and JSK has now improved the design to furnish even better patio door entrance protection.

The Deerfield lock by JSK basically features two sturdy, cast parts. Installation consists of attaching the cast bracket and drilling one 3/8" hole in the door for attaching the locking bar in place. The simple installation can be done in minutes and can provide additional sales and profit on every residential job.

Locking and unlocking by the homeowner takes only seconds.  A twist of the thumb turn knob affixes the lock bar in position. Angled positioning  of the Deerfield locking bar actually causes the locking resistance to increase during any forced entry attempt.  For more information contact JSM Inc. at: 239-216-2815 or [email protected].