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July 2, 2012


Ledger reported on a new law in Clark County, Nevada, requiring locksmiths to have a business location of not less than 300 square feet.  The Dor-O-Matic junior swing closer was suggested for meeting ADA requirements. Jerry Levine continued his article on key machine cutter blades.  Locksmiths were also complaining about obtaining GM codes by VIN back 20 years ago. Yale AT and National FO series were printed. The folks from WD-40 explained why their product should be the lubricant of choice for locksmiths. Another article provided information on a door pressure gauge from Howard Manufacturing. David House suggested ways to solve computer DOS problems -- ancient history today.  Servicing those pesky Ford Escort and Mercury Tracer ignition locks was explained. Fred Steingold explained how to negotiate a store lease.  David Armendartz provided some pointers on charges for padlock work.  Dee Bucha reported on Wayne Wilkerson, head of the Securitas Group. Where is he now?  A helpful listing of motorcycle key blanks and key codes was printed. Steve Hildebrand, Dorma Controls, explained how door closers can be used to solve ADA issues. David Parrott, Aero Lock, explained how to use depth and space keys.  Pat Sullivan introduced an interrogator for the VATS module which could find the VATS number within 64 seconds. You had to locate, remove and open up the vehicle VATS module and connect the interrogator before starting the 64 second countdown.  Bob Psolka, industry icon, was featured in a life story accont.  Milt Wolferseder showed how to open an HHM vault door. Hugh Curry installed an Amsec KPL1100 digital safe lock.


Jerry Levine introduced the quick adaptors from OSI.  Tim O'Leary described the operation of the Cobra lock by Schlage. Pro-Lok was featured with their multi-purpose Key King tool.  Jerry Levine introduced the improved line of Weslock door hardware.  Tom Gillespie showed the self-aligning hole saw by Tri-City Lock Company.  Jawa Thomas, Kaba-Ilco, offered an article on the Simplex 5000 Kaba-Ilco mechanical push button lock. Jerry Levine wrote a full-length article on the installation of an Extrudart steel door. Jerry Levine also showed the steps for installing a Sargent Triad lock system using a Curries door and a Sargent powerglide door closer.  Frank Markisello showed how to use his Ford 10-cut Quick-On tool for removing Ford ignition locks.  Tiny fit keys to a 1999 Shelby  which is a modified Camaro. Jerry Levine discovered Rick's Hardware, a company in California which stocks obsolete and discontinued door hardware.  Dale Bowman, Medeco High Security Locks, explained the virtues of the Medeco Keymark system. HES offered a mini course in dealing with voltage.  Finally, the new Saturn locks with their "Z" keyway were described.  The "Z" keyway later became standard on many GM models. Gale Johnson dissected a Sentry 1100 model and printed a group of tryout key cuts which could be used to operate all locks in the series.

Reader Challenge: Lost Keys for a 1931 DeSoto

Locksmith Ledger editors received a challenging request recently. A reader had a rumble seat lock from a 1931 DeSoto. The keys were lost and this locksmith asked if we could make some new keys.

What seemed like a simple five wafer key fitting job turned into a search for the correct key blank. The code number stamped on the lock case was B86.  A search through the Reed code books had the key code cuts as 51111, but the key blank was listed as an Ilco 1098DC. 

That key blank has been out of production for over 50 years, but a local lock shop in business for 75 years still had those keys on their keyboard. Our subscriber now has a satisfied customer with a locking DeSoto rumble seat lock.