Ziptide April 2012

April 2, 2012

Made In USA Companies


Thank you for this article. I think supporting our United States-based manufacturers is often overlooked as people tend to focus on the bottom line. Although many people say cost is not the most important factor, in actuality it is the driving force when decisions are made.

I have included a link from the local New Haven newspaper regarding Sargent and its commitment to maintaining its roots in Connecticut (

Douglas Titus, CFM

ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions of the Southwest

Educational Opportunities


I have never written you nor have I ever sent you an email which is long over due. I not only enjoy reading your articles, I have benefited from the education you provide in your articles.   I thank you, sir, for all  the years of education and enjoyment you have provided us.

Kevin Armstrong

Armstrong Lock & Security Products, Inc.

Orlando, FL

Forum Questions: Van Power Inverter

Here is an example of the typical questions posted recently by Locksmith Ledger readers in our online discussion forums. Please jump in and help out a colleague at or post your question and see if your colleagues or our editors have an answer.

I just bought a power inverter for my van. I actually had a portable 400w inverter, powered by batteries, but needed something bigger, so I bought a 1500 watt. The problem is that my 400w portable had a cigarette lighter power plug that I could use for my old key duplicating machine (which used to have alligator clips that I used to connect to the battery when I needed it. I have since went to Radio Shack and bought a cigarette lighter power plug and converted the alligator clips.)

At any rate, the new power inverter doesn't have a cigarette lighter power source, so I need to buy something to replace my old key duplicating machine. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good machine that is lightweight, and relatively inexpensive? I typically duplicate house keys, padlock, file cabinet, and car and motorcycle keys. I do not yet have any way of cutting sidewinder keys, or auto keys with chips, nor am I looking to at this point. I’m definitely interested, but not now.

A 1500 watt inverter requires wiring the same size as your battery cables. I would suggest investing in some heavy cables and battery clamps and fastening your inverter down permanently somewhere in your van. It is worth it to have 110 power for lights, drills and a key machine. If you are satisfied with your present key machine, then change the machine motor to 110 volts and plug that into your new inverter. – Editor Gale Johnson


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