The Back Page, March 2012


The Sentry group suggested that locksmiths should be made aware of the need of safes for fire protection. An advertisement for Norton proclaimed that 15 million Norton door closers had been sold. Wonder what that number is today?  Granite Security explained their gun safe program. Ken Dunckel retrofitted lockson an Amsec safe. Milt Wolferseder opened a Kaso double door Safe. Another safe article described the problems in opening a Star floor safe.  Charles Cole showed how to make a pair of Chrysler pick keys which he said opened every Chrysler he tried.  Jerry Levine complained about the 1992 Cavalier ignition locks. They were worth complaining about. Ledger published some tips on securing everything loose in your van to reduce bodily injury in case of a panic stop.  Charles Cole interviewed J.D. Hamilton, vice president of marketing for Mas-Hamilton safe locks. Shane Crosby suggested that locksmith safe technicians should join the Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA).  Steve Sharpe showed the right techniques for using a pick gun.  Where is Steve now?  Ledger reported on the 29th annual Texas Locksmith Association convention, Feb 4-9, 1992. Maira Soiferman reported on Canadian safe expert Ronald Lister.


Bill Neff provided valuable information on locating and removing Toyota and Lexus ECMs, and then how to profit by reprogramming these expensive computer modules. Jerry Levine explained usage of the TCL-1 transponder key programmer, an early original from ASP. Red Howell discovered a way to service broken Volvo trunk locks. Jerry Levine also reported on the S&G Pulsetronic safe lock. Joy Skowron provided information on GM vehicles locks supplied by Strattec. Gale Johnson studied the new key cut decoder by Speedypik. Where are they now?  Tim O’Leary introduced locksmith distributors Dugmore & Duncan, IDN and U.S. Lock.  Tom Gillespie showed a new Yale Heritage Premier deadbolt. Jerry Levine reported on the new Everest key system by Schlage. Jeff Trepanier solved the mysteries of both the FIC trailer locks and the hidden ignition lock retainer on '91-'94 Ford Explorer models.   


Here is an idea from a Palatine, Illinois locksmith which was published 20 years ago in Locksmith Ledger but is just a valid today.  They left a questionnaire with their customers. As the questionnaires were returned, they were put in a three ring binder on their front counter for prospective customers to see.  Perhaps you have a few questions which could be added or subtracted from this list.

The top of the form reads:

Your business is greatly appreciated. In order to serve you and others and provide FAST, PROFESSIONAL and EFFICIENT service; Please complete, fold, seal and return this form with our service repairman.     

                                                                                                                                Yes   No

1) Was the serviceman prompt and on time                                        ___   ___

2) Was the serviceman courteous?                                                          ___   ___

3) Was work fully completed to your satisfaction?                            ___   ___

4) Did serviceman explain and show you his

   quality of work?                                                                                            ___   ___

5) Did serviceman lubricate your locks?                                                  ___   ___

6) Did serviceman leave old parts with you?                                        ___   ___

7) Did serviceman clean up after himself?                                             ___   ___

8) Did serviceman have a professional attitude?                                               ___   ___

9) Did serviceman explain your lock functions

    and show you how the lock worked?                                                  ___   ___

10) Are more parts needed for return work?                                      ___   ___

11) Is there any more work needing to be done?                              ___   ___

12) Would you call us again for service?                                 ___   ___

13) Would you recommend us to your friends

      or business associates?                                                                           ___   ___