Ziptide, Dec 2011

Dec. 2, 2011

Missed Opportunity


My name is C. Fred Peterson. I own C. Fred Peterson Company, Security Consultant//Locksmith in Charlotte, NC.  I have been doing locks for  some 20+ years and full time the last 12 years. The Ledger is one magazine that I read as soon as it comes. I mostly work small businesses in access control and residences. Once in a while you will have something that really catches my eye and looks like something that would work for me. I am on a lot of new home sites and a lot of vans are there.

In your September issue you had in the Automotive section "Slick Locks: No-Drill Truck Hasps." I went to their web site to watch the videos and was really impressed. I call and talked to a Mr.Kaminsky who stated that I would have e-mail locksmith information to them in order to get any information back and prices. That I did that afternoon, Sept 14, 2011. I called a couple of days later and was told that what was sent was good and they would send me a package with all the information and prices. On September 24, 2011 I again sent an e-mail to them stating I had not received said package. I got a call from a young lady stating that she would check and find out what happened and get the information out to me. I made a second call back to them a couple of weeks later and got the same promise. To date, I still have not gotten said information.

I think that there should be some way that when you introduce a new product such as this in the Ledger,  that the company is going to follow up on requests for information. This looked like something that would have been easy to add to my truck and do on site as another way to make income, but with their "I don't really care" outlook, I'm sure that their product will not be sold by my company.

I appreciate you and the Locksmith Ledger and all the great articles you have. Even if I don't work on electronics, safes, or autos, I read the articles so as not to be out in left field if someone asks me a question.

C.Fred Peterson

Charlotte, NC


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