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Aug. 15, 2011

State of the Industry


My name is Philip Hollingsworth, CRL. I own and operate Hollingsworth Locksmith Service in Selmer, TN, and have a son who works with me. We have grown every year since I began in 1997. I am a long-time subscriber to the Locksmith Ledger. I always read your column, and enjoy reading it. I am the current President of TOOL (Tennessee Organization of Locksmiths).

I was seated in the front row during the meeting yesterday. I made a few comments and asked some questions but noticed your comment and wanted to let you know that I fully agree with your comment about not seeing the full picture. I feel that spending a large amout of energy and resources fighting the scammers issue without educating your customers is not going to warrant the production and results for a long duration. I would agree that removing scammers and their ad practices would help the bottom line, but not for long because stamping them out will only create other more costly procedures to get them the next time.

I was told by Bill Reed in Nashville some 14 years ago that if a locksmith would be professional, sell himself continually, and educate himself,  it will build the bottom line like none other! I do commend ALOA for the national approach. But many more members are needed in the ALOA association to be a powerful organization. 

I sent an email to many across the State of Tennessee urging them to enlist, get active and stay active.  This will be the only way we as an industry we can knock out the big issues. I appreciate you and the Locksmith Ledger.Hope to see you again soon.

Philip Hollingsworth,CRL

Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2008

I want to thank you for your article on the Ninja without the contained information I would have never been able to fit a key to this bike.

There is nothing that is “normal” on this bike. After getting your information I completed fitting the key in about 20 minutes.

Eric L. Pederson CRL

Precision Locksmithing Corp.,

Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Editors Note: After that article was written, Jet Hardware introduced the correct KA33-NP key blank.


In the “Going Wireless With the AlarmLock Networx NetPanel article in last month’s Locksmith Ledger (August 2011, pages 34-36), our interview subject was identified incorrectly. Bob Swoope was the interview subject who provided detailed answers to the Ledger’s long list of questions.


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