News Briefs: Marks USA Supplies Institutional Life Safety Locksets

April 1, 2011

Marks USA has supplied Atascadero State Hospital & Rehab Center with their Grade 1 Institutional Life Safety Locksets. Atascadero State Hospital (ASH), opened in 1954 and is an all-male, maximum security forensic facility serving the entire state of California. ASH is a completely self-contained psychiatric hospital constructed within a security perimeter.

Marks USA’s Grade 1 Institutional Life Safety locksets are designed to address Managed Liability, Accident Prevention, Life Safety, and Security in Behavioral Health Care Institutions. The shape and construction of the SS55 Series Locksets are designed to restrict the attachment of lines, laces, etc. to door knobs. In addition, with the knobs recessed into the rosettes, the chance of capturing a line between the knob and rosette is substantially eliminated.

The SS55 Locksets are currently in use at Coney Island, Bellevue and Jacobi Hospitals in New York, the Denver V.A. Hospital in Colorado and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in California.

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